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In a healthy brain, there is unobstructed blood flow from the brain towards the neck (blue arrows). IIH is caused by high pressure in the fluid around the brain, and its alternate name of pseudotumor cerebri comes from its symptoms (including headache, blurred or double vision, ringing in the ears), which are similar to those of a brain tumor. Current treatments for IIH include medication to lower intracranial pressure and surgical placement of a shunt to drain excess cerebrospinal fluid (CSF).
Since some cases of IIH are associated with severe stenosis of the large veins of the brain (called "venous sinuses"), this clinical trial will evaluate the safety and long-term effectiveness of venous sinus stenting in patients with severe IIH that has not responded to other treatments. The purpose of our study is to evaluate the safety and efficacy of this stenting in a controlled fashion, using strict inclusion and exclusion criteria, with long-term clinical and imaging follow-up. In the case of swelling, I first run a complete health history and then treat the primary cause of ankle or leg swelling. Magnox Cardio has been clinically proven to be superior in intracellular absorption and efficacy of lowering cholesterol and HsCRP as well as inhibiting platelet aggregation. Magnox is the only type of magnesium that is clinical proven for its highest intracellular absorption and efficacy. But IIH is not a brain tumor — the presence of a tumor or other condition must be ruled out in order to make the diagnosis.
As a result of the bilateral narrowing, the blood flow from the brain to the neck is compromised, contributing to intracranial hypertension and the symptoms of pseudotumor cerebri.
Unfortunately, many patients do not respond to either of these treatments, or they experience side effects that impair their quality of life.
Reports published in the last few years provide suggest that venous sinus stenting could be a safe and effective treatment option for IIH patients with stenosis.

As a result the blood flow from the brain to the neck is now restored (blue arrows), relieving the increased intracranial pressure and the symptoms of pseudotumor cerebri.
It is our hope that in a select set of these patients who are shown to have significant venous sinus stenosis, increased intracranial pressure and associated symptoms will improve after treatment. For more details on the study, including eligibility criteria, see the listing on or contact Dr. Acupuncture will help strengthen veins and improve their ability to constrict effectively, increasing blood flow. Marc Dinkin are now enrolling patients in a FDA-approved research study for idiopathic intracranial hypertension (IIH), also known as pseudotumor cerebri, a disorder that primarily affects young women and can lead to loss of vision. These patients need an alternative: Unresolved pseudotumor cerebri can lead to severe vision loss, making it imperative that the condition be treated and the intracranial pressure lowered.
Possible causes include the abundance of estrogen, pregnancy hormones, loss of ability of the veins to return blood to the heart, decreased kidney or liver function, lack of mobility and excess weight. Even in the case of excess hormones, such as during pregnancy, acupuncture will reduce swelling by increasing vein function. This innovative new trial is testing the effectiveness of stent placement in patients with severe intracranial hypertension who have not responded to other treatments. In the case of excess weight, acupuncture will work to effectively reduce cravings and help heal the causes of excess body fat.
When kidney or liver function is poor, acupuncture stimulates function so that blood toxins are removed effectively, decreasing swelling.

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