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Repeated instances where it seems others know things about you that could only be found out by bugging your phone, house, or vehicle (Stop Covert War). WEAPONIZED MICROWAVE OVEN: A simple microwave oven, door removed, with the door interlock switch bypassed, and held against the bedroom wall of a target in an apartment building or semi-detached house. THE LIDA MACHINE: A half-century-old medical device, the Russian-built Lida machine, a pulsed 40 watt, 40 MHz radio transmitter which can be used to make a target exhausted on the job when pulsing at the rate consistent with sleep, and with a pulse rate increase, deprive the target of sleep too! THROUGH WALL RADAR: Through clothing (and through non-conductive wall) radar, widely used at airports and by police to look through clothing for hidden weapons. The criminals planning a gang stalking endeavor study the target long before the stalking begins. This device can cause a variety of disabling medical symptoms: Asthma, cataracts, headaches, memory loss, early Alzheimer’s, bad dreams, depression, fatigue, concentration loss, appetite loss, heart and blood pressure problems, and cancer. Oliver Lowery’s “Silent Sound,” patent 5,159,703, has been used for self-help subliminal hypnosis tapes and CDs and by the U.S. The harassment potential of this technology in the hands of organized stalking gangs is obvious.
The clicks are generated directly inside the human head without the need of any receiving electronic device.

Lin’s pulsed microwave transmitter, and publicly announced in 1974 at the University of Utah, can transmit audible sound, heard by the target but silent to others nearby, transmitted directly into a target’s skull, through a target’s wall, of course, can drive the through-the-wall target “crazy,” and if the target complains, the target will be immediately diagnosed as mentally ill.
The Lida uses the repetitive stimulus principle, and it?s pulsing radio signal is what makes this a through wall capable weapon. The effect was first reported by persons working in the vicinity of radar transponders during World War II.
Very slow stimulus induces drowsiness, rapid stimulus induces wakefulness, all done silently. Silent sound can be carried by a voice to skull transmitter, making covert hypnosis through walls a possibility. Electronic targets do report what they feel is having their behaviour influenced so I take the combination of voice to skull and silent sound seriously.
Byrd are known to have been associated with any unethical activities nor weapons derived from the Lida machine.

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