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There are about 11 million people in the UK with permanent hearing loss, representing a significant burden of disease.
This research area aims to overcome some of these barriers by integrating scientific principles of brain plasticity, learning theory, health behaviour-change and patient-centred care to support people with hearing loss and those who wear hearing aids. Our publication examining the benefits of auditory training for people with mild hearing loss was recognised by Ear and Hearing, the top peer-reviewed international journal in the hearing science field.
A wealth of inventive devices, technologies and systems designed to improve the health and wellbeing of NHS patients are recognised at the Medipex NHS Innovation Awards every year. The event is an opportunity to acknowledge and promote the achievements or Winners and Finalists who include NHS staff members, academic teams and companies across the Yorkshire and Humber who have developed innovative ideas to improve patient care across the NHS. The BAA Team of the Year Award celebrates the coming together of the different professions within Audiology. Past winners have shown particularly innovative and original ideas, or worked on a specific project directly connected to audiology.
From left: Leena Kapilla, Michael Taylor, Alissa Baguely, Karenbir Bath, Melanie Ferguson, Joanne Rowe, Marien Brandreth, William Brassington, Helen Henshaw, James Henderson, Heather Wharrad, Holly Thomas, Helen Bastow, Annie Jones.

Visit us at one of our locations and rest assured that youa€™ll be welcome and in good hands. Welcome to Lake Forest Hearing, A Private Boutique Hearing Healthcare Practice, the official hearing protection partner for Road America Raceway! Our overall aim is to find clinical strategies for overcoming loss of social activity and participation caused by difficulties in hearing.
There are three primary themes, (i) Listening and cognition, (ii) Self-management and telehealth, and (iii) Patient-centred care, which are all underpinned by secondary themes, and include identifying optimal delivery methods, health behaviour-change, and appropriate outcome measures.
The Ear and Hearing Editors' Award 2014 acknowledged the work as an outstanding example of translating basic understandings of hearing and balance into future clinical practice.
The prize is awarded to a team which has worked together to improve quality of service in their area. We are evaluating novel technological and patient-centred interventions using randomised controlled trials targeting those groups most affected. Recent brain studies conclude that a hearing loss left untreated can cause your brain to shrink 2% faster every year.

Hearing loss is a poorly recognised sensory impairment that can cause barriers to everyday interpersonal communication, which can reduce quality of life. Our goals focus on enhancing patients’ engagement and compliance with their treatment so that it will give them maximum benefit. Excessive loud noise, even for short periods of exposure can cause permanent damage to your hearing. A Our audiologists with our Board Certified Doctors of Audiology and staff are committed to providing you with a thorough hearing evaluation, personalized assessment of your listening needs and lifestyle, and a choice of hearing aids or hearing safety equipment from top manufacturers.
A Whether you are a race car driver, musician, spectator at a noisy event, grandparent, adult, teenager or child we look forward to meeting you.

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