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While it’s not FDA-approved for canine use, there are aspects to this drug that can make it an appealing option for pets.That said, this opioid pain reliever shouldn’t be given to your dog without a vet’s prescription. It’s dangerous to administer your personal Tramadol supply since some side effects can be quite serious. If you really care about safety, involve a professional first.It is true that veterinarians are increasingly recommending the use of Tramadol. However, these powerful pills are usually provided for post-operative or injury-related aches and pains. Whatever you do, don’t use leftover meds that you may have lying around because it’s simply not worth the risk.
While Tramadol is safer than some others, this is still a powerful narcotic and pet usage shouldn’t be taken lightly.We prefer to use more natural solutions.
Instead of Tramadol, we’ve had success with this anti-oxidant anti-inflammatory pain reliever. It seems to work well for our older dog’s arthritis and related pains.Why Tramadol is PopularIn general, this pain reliever enjoys a pretty good reputation among animal doctors.
Some negative side effects are upset stomach, panting, constipation, reduced heart rate, lethargy, dizziness, constriction of the pupils and undesirable behavioral changes.More serious is the possibility of a seizure. This isn’t meant to scare dog owners but only to make them aware that a vet’s guidance is warranted when Tramadol is involved.Proper Dosing ProblemCalculating a Tramadol dose is absolutely critical. Only a qualified veterinarian can tell you the accurate amount for your particular pet dog.

For this reason, we’ve decided not to provide this type of information.Pain Treatment PlanMany dogs, especially older ones, suffer from ongoing pain which is difficult to effectively deal with.
These stubborn conditions are very frustrating but sometimes side effects, from medications, make matters even worse. In fact, pain solutions are a specialty of theirs because they often see pets that require meds on a daily basis. Maybe they’ll agree to a Tramadol prescription or offer something even better, like a Carprofen.Conclusion on TramadolYes, you can administer this drug but only with a prescription and detailed instructions from your vet.
Tramadol has a good reputation, and is routinely provided to dogs, since it is very effective.
However, proper caution cannot be overstated since there is a long list of side effects, some of which are serious. Your pet’s particular situation may warrant a different pain reliever which is partly why you should consult with your veterinarian before you consider Tramadol.Was this Article Helpful?YES   NOAdd Your Own Answer to the Question Can I Give My Dog Tramadol? Please help!Reply Janie December, 2015My lovely 14 year old mixed breed had an x-ray and it turns out she has a tumor on her spleen. Eventually, I asked the vet for something because he would be restless at night and would bark for a majority of the night.
We are trying to reach out to those that have had a similar horrible experience with Tramadol.Reply Jab August, 2015Our Fox Red Lab, Ms. I give her a teaspoon of grated lemon zest 3 times a day, grated turmeric root 2 times a day and Treatibles every 4 hours.Since starting this routine, she is no longer lethargic and her energy levels are much higher.

According to my research, turmeric root can help to kill cancer cells and also prevents their formation and growth.Reply Ginny August, 2015I’m so sorry! I know they send free samples to veterinarians.Reply Julia November, 2014My mixed breed dog has lupus and arthritis.
Never give a dog or cat any meds unless they are weighed first.Reply Shar October, 2014My Maltese-mix was run over by a car in October. It has to heal naturally while he’s confined to a cage for 4-5 weeks to restrict movement. It may work good for you.Reply Rita February, 2015My pet weighed 33 pounds and had 2 herniated discs in center of his spine. Our dog could still be living!Reply Sandra January, 2016Rita, I do not think it is fair to say the vet was negligent. Please let me know.Reply Kathy August, 2014My 90 pound 8-year old Lab was diagnosed with severe arthritis and a large mass in his lung that the vet felt was cancerous. My vet says Aleve is not recommended for dogs, but due to my dog’s condition, if it was helping him, I could continue to do so. It may work for other dogs, but not mine.Reply Tiffany November, 2014Aleve is absolutely terrible for dogs.

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