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If you experience any of the symptoms we mentioned here, visit your doctor to get yourtreatment. Severity of meningitis symptoms will depend on various factors. Bacterial meningitis symptoms are different from viral meningitis symptoms.
In fact, even an older child can tell you that something is bothering him; infants cannot tell you anything – they simply cry and you cannot know what the problem is, until you take the baby to the doctor. The basic difference between viral and bacterial meningitis is that viral meningitis is not dangerous (except in extremely rare cases), whereas bacterial meningitis can be lethal.

Pay attention to your baby’s behavior; if you recognize any of the symptoms mentioned above, take the baby to the doctor right away. Weakened bacteria are contained in these vaccines, and after injection, the immune system will react to the bacteria, causing the body to become immune. Bacterial meningitis may cause severe complications and may result in coma, kidney failure, and permanent damage to the spinal cord (and brain, too). Eat healthy food and maintain regular sleep patterns to keep your immune system healthy and strong.If diagnosed early enough, both types of meningitis can be managed.

Severe symptoms are rare in this type of meningitis and recovery period is not too long – it usually lasts for one or two weeks.

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