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Wireless-accessories This website uses cookies for remembering your choices and for web statistics. For the listener with normal hearing these areas of the brain function as the perfect team, allowing communication to seem effortless. Hearing aids help us reduce the amount of energy we spend listening and communicating by making it easier to hear sounds and speech in a variety of environments. Often our telephone conversations can be some of the most energetically taxing experiences. Halo, the first Made for iPhone hearing aid, provides an exciting opportunity to effortlessly stream calls directly to the hearing aids for clear, crisp speech. Give yourself a break during the day when you can turn off your hearing aids and take a 5-10 minute.

Limit or eliminate interruptions and background noises that can make hearing hard even with your hearing aids (ex.
I’m exhausted after a single day of work or a three-hour meeting with five people and lots of conversation. But, with the addition of hearing loss, the brain has to work, think and concentrate harder than it would with normal hearing and this teamwork is disrupted, increasing the challenges of communication and leading to listening fatigue. Halo features many of same benefits provided by Z Series but brings in the unique utility of the TruLink mobile application. Nothing will completely remove it, so here are some helpful tips to keep your energy levels up throughout the day. People with normal hearing don’t really think about the fact that listening can be fatiguing and frustrating.

By connecting to an iPhone, I never worry about losing my hearing aids and I have customized listening memories that trigger automatically when I walk into a coffee shop or restaurant. You can choose to turn off any background noice in the room and enjoy the sound of your TV exclusively without being disturbed.Challenged to hear others on the phone?Have you found it a challenge lately to hear your kids on the phone or chatting to a friend?It doesn't have to be like that. You can get the sound directly into your hearing aids receiving FM signals with its wide bandwidth and streaming ex.

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