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Only one of the machines were running, but the noise was far beyond what any human ear could stand. The crushed sugare canes are transported to another machine that squeezes out even more juice. In the factory there is a small museum and a shop where you can buy sugar cane juice, rum and bolo de mel, the sweet tasting soft cake in which sugar cane honey is an important ingredience. CopyrightAll images and texts are copyrighted and may not be used anywhere else without the permission of the photographer or the author.
The machines are mostly open and occupational safety doesn’t seem to be a buzzword around here.

Gunilla invested in a bottle of really nice rum (which of course caused problem at the airport, it’s easy to forget the liquid rule). I thought the juice would taste like liquid sugar, but it was a fresh and fruity drink, cool in the heat.
The sugar cane industry is a small but still rather important part of Madeira’s economy. The most important products from sugar canes are sugar (surprised?), sugar cane honey, molasses and rum. The process uses machinery that is all but antique, but it is still as efficient as when it was new (although the steam engines were replaced with electrical ones not too long ago).

The cane crushing machines produce a hellish noise and tinnitus must be common among the workers.

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