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I personally have trouble with my helix and cartilage piercings because they get easily ear-itated (ha!) whenever I use the wrong type of earring in them. This is where it all began, an evolution of new forms and materials with silver still as the star of course. These earrings are green zircon stones set in 925 Silver To clean, place the piece in a bowl with warm water and a few drops of soap that is used especially for delicate fabrics and rub gently with a toothbrush. THEY COME IN SINGLE UNITS (ideal for helix piercings) so if you're getting them as studs you should probably get two that or mix-and-match them! Also available in 14K yellow gold filled and 14K rose gold filled(select your metal in the options at the top right of this page).
This listing is for the 'bearry' special black and white panda as a surgical steel hypoallergenic stud type earring.
I keep wearing the ones I made for myself and everyone compliments them or goes "OMG IS THAT AN ELEPHANT IN YOUR EAR!" and for the first time in my life I can answer that with a Yes.
Born from a world of inspired ideas and concepts, Miss Julie jewelry is for bold souls and bright minds. The pieces are a balance of natural gems, shell pearls and semi-precious stones with handmade resin and Swarvoski crystals – celebrating the contrasts of life and a world rich with colour and rhythm.
They're more expensive than the other type, but the other type has cut my ear open before and is easy to put on the post wrong. From vivacious urban jetsetters to sun-worshipping stylistas and mysterious night owls – Miss Julie jewelry aims to capture that je ne sais quoi element which brings personal style to life.
Expressing who we are in how we present ourselves is a continuous source of inspiration for Miss Julie jewelry. The chakana is taken from a constellation of stars forming a quadratic square and represents the universe connected to the center of the world believed to be Cuzco. Full refunds are guaranteed for unsatisfied items returned in saleable condition and original packaging within 7 days after receipt. Avaiable in 20,18 or 16 gauge (please select your preference in the gauge options at the top right of this page). Available as a nose ring, tragus earring or cartilage earring (select your preference in the options at the top right of this page).
Repossi's impeccably crafted Blackened Gold Three-Row Berbere Earring set with black pave diamonds, gives you hardcore multi-pierce glamour with none of the pain. In Ancient Greece, the story of Scorpio is told in different versions of the myth of the great hunter Orion. The Montana Set comes with an antiqued gold cuff earring with ball and star design and post back closure, and matching star stud earring.. When they cry out to Zeus for help he transforms the sisters into the stars known as the Pleiades and causes a scorpion to kill Orion with its venomous sting who is then placed to protect them in the stars. The earring is formed of a simple stud which supports a circle - considered to be the most geometrically perfect shape - holding an accurate cluster of the stars forming the constellation, which is held suspended in space by delicate wire. The Astrology Collection is inspired by the way our knowledge of science is interwoven with the enduring legacy of the classical myths. For me, the two are inextricably linked, thus creating both our personal identities, and the stories which form our cultural DNA.

Solid Sterling Silver can become tarnished over time, if this happens the most simple way to restore your earrings is to use Silver Dip.
In the Ancient Greek tale, Taurus is often thought to be the animal who sired the Minotaur after Poseidon causes Queen Pasiphae mad with love for the bull to punish King Mino. To share with your friends pin it on Pinterest, click Like to show them on Facebook, or Tweet for your twitter friends. Taurus is also associated with the bull that Zeus took as a disguise when he abducted Pasiphae’s mother Europa. I handcraft all my jewelry with great attention to details and finish and do my best to give my customers the best product and service I can. However if for any reason, you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase you can exchange it or get a full refund excluding shipping NO QUESTIONS ASKED. Sterling silver mixed with a precious alloy of 18-karat gold, plated with 18-karat rose gold. If the item you received is not what you expected just contact me and I will do my best to satisfy you. In the Ancient Greek tale, after Zeus had defeated his father Cronos, he subdued the race of the giants, children of Gaia. In revenge, Gaia sent the monster Typhon to destroy the Olympian gods who transformed themselves into animals to hide.
Aphrodite and her son Eros dived into the sea as twin fish which, in gratitude for borrowing their form, she later placed in the stars.
This beautiful small open hoop earring has been hand forged and hand hammered by me for added depth and hardness then polished to shine from a 1mm (18 gauge) 14K rose gold filled wire.
Also available in sterling silver and 14K yellow gold filled(select your metal in the options at the top right of this page).
The baby was nursed by the goat-nymph Amaltheia who Zeus, in gratitude, later placed in the stars to honour her. The earring takes the form of a simple stud which supports a circle - considered by the Ancient Greeks to be the most geometrically perfect shape – and within it a cluster of the stars accurately forms the constellation, suspended in space by a delicate wire.
This pendant usually comes in bright polished silver but also looks great in oxidised silver if you prefer. Available as nose ring, tragus earring or cartilage earring (select your preference in the options at the top right of this page).
In Ancient Greek myth, it is the sign of the goddess Dike, the personification of moral justice and equality who who sits by her father Zeus and tells him of any injustice so that it will be punished.
As the sun passes through the sign of Libra, day and night are of equal length representing the goddess' love of balance.
Featuring circular triple glass beads with a light pink hue and swirl detail hanging from a silver tone embossed stud with hinged snap closure and a polished finish. Vivienne Westwood presents a dazzling set of classic earrings that add a touch of glamour to any outfit. A silver imitation rhodium asymmetric heart is fully embellished with clear Swarovski crystals and features a silver Vivienne Westwood Orb at the centre. In the Ancient Greek tale, Leo is associated with the first of Heracles' twelve labours, the capture of the Nemean Lion.

The Nemean Lion was thought invincible due to its impenetrable hide so Heracles strangled the lion to death and wore its skin as a cloak. This lip ring has been hand forged and hand hammered by me for added depth and hardness then polished to shine from a 0.6mm (22 gauge) sterling silver wire. Heracles crushed the crab to death and Hera, in gratitude for the creature’s efforts, honoured the crab by placing it in the stars.
To share with your friends pin on Pinterest, click Like to show them on Facebook, or Tweet for your twitter friends. As he flew across the sea between Europe and Asia, Helle fell into the water which became known as Hellespont.
These funny and cute fake gauge plug two part earrings Octopus Tentacles will draw you so much attention and get so many compliments! Faceted gemstones totaling a sumptuous 10 carats are set in polished sterling silver with a rope-style edge.
Although typically done just above the navel on the top ridge, belly button piercings can go anywhere around the outside of the navel wherever there is a fold or "lip".
Read on to know how to go for a safe Septum Piercing before you actually go out to have one. Find inspiring cartilage,anchor,kitty,elephant,winter,summer,metal,chain,3d,chanel Earrings.
Discover more Earrings with & lovely Jewelry.More info Hi my name is Ashley, and this is stuff I like.
This beautiful hoop make a perfect birthday and any occasion gift for a nice casual daily wear. IN ORDER NOT TO DELAY YOUR SHIPMENT, IF YOU DO NOT CHOOSE YOUR COLOR PREFERENCE(S) AT CHECKOUT, EITHER THROUGH THE OPTIONS LIST OR BY LEAVING ME A NOTE, YOUR CUFF(S) WILL BE MADE IN THE COLOR SHOWN IN THE FIRST PICTURE. The 2nd picture shows the wire colours available, though the cuffs in the picture are the "Spiral Up" cuffs, and are only shown to give you the colours.
Colours may vary slightly from the pictures, as each monitor shows colors slightly differently.
I used super strong adhesive to attach the stone to an acrylic and surgical steel, 14 gauge barbell. Note to buyers: Shipping for the first item is $2.50, all additional items are shipped free! The first ear cuff is smaller and more flexible and the 2nd ear cuff has a larger diameter. To share with your friends click Like to show them on Facebook or Tweet for your twitter friends.
I can make such Ear Cuff on the left ear or with another stone (then the price will depend on the cost of the stone).

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