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A “keloid” can be considered as pinkish or purple colored structures that are slightly elevated from the skin surface. Pulling the jewelry or changing the jewelry before proper healing can cause keloid cartilage piercing.
Keloids do not have well defined shape and if left untreated it grows bigger progressively accumulating pus inside.
Getting a piercing done in unhygienic environment with dirty and unsterilized needles or instruments can cause a keloid. Your GP or skin doctor would give you a shot of local anesthetic on the site of piercing and gently remove the keloid scars from the skin.

Keloid is sometimes painful and itchy and is considered as one of the serious cosmetic problems of the skin. Frequently touching the site of piercing with dirty hands and allowing moisture to develop on the site can lead to formation of keloid. Wearing small stud or earring that does not have enough space to rotate may delay the process of healing thus causing a keloid. Mild to moderate sized keloid can be treated with home remedies like tea tree oil or sea salt solution. People with sensitive skin are more prone to develop a keloid scar after piercing than others.

It depends on various factors like individual’s skin texture, piercing post-care methods and piercing techniques.

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