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A newly-identified mutation in the genomes of test mice could hold the key to a better understanding of progressive hearing loss, a human condition that is characterized by the loss of the auditory sensation in people exposed to single, very loud events or to constant powerful noises.
Scientists discovered many genes that play a significant role in this affliction over the years, but its main causes were still believed to be environmental factors. Progressive hearing loss affects about 6 in 10 people aged above 70 and can lead either to hearing impairments or to complete deafness, depending on the rate at which the disease progresses.
The main goal of this research is to further the understanding of the mechanisms that progressive hear loss uses to make the auditory sensation in humans fade out or disappear over the years.
Avoiding interaction with others: Many times, the person afflicted with hearing loss may feel some embarrassment of having to ask people to repeat everything they say. Benign tumors: Acoustic neuroma is a slow-growing tumor of the nerve that connects the ear to the brain. Labyrinthitis: Caused by bacteria or viruses that inflame the the inner ear causing a feeling of imbalance. You may notice that someone who is hard of hearing may need to face you when speaking to them, or may need to look you directly in the face to read your lips.

Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) This condition is a result of nerve damage that causes a person with normal hearing to not be able to process speech appropriately. The mutation, appropriately dubbed Oblivion, is thought to work similarly in both humans and mice. Now, researchers at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute in Cambridge, UK, found out that genetics could play a much more complex role in this degenerative condition than anyone previously thought.
Professor Karen Steel, lead author of the new study, says that this discovery is important because it links the mutations of a gene known as Atp2b2 to the disease.
We showed that the mutant mice carried a change in one letter of their genetic code in a gene called Atp2b2.
New ways of diagnosing and even treating the affliction could become available to doctors in the future, if other studies focused on the effect of Atp2b2 come up with viable ways of inhibiting the action of this gene. Consulting with your health care provider allows for diagnosis and treatment to prevent further damage to the structures within the ear, whose sole function is to pass the information to the brain for interpretation.
Another well known sign is their need to have the TV or radio up very loud where it disturbs others in the household or even the neighbors.

The fact that this gene is identical in mice and humans alike could open the door for further research on the matter.
Changing a specific C to a T in this gene stops it from producing a normal molecular pump that is needed to keep hair cells in the ear working efficiently by pumping excess calcium out of the cell," Steele explained. Often times the person will complain that people are muttering and they can't understand a word that is said unless you speak loudly also.
Although auditory problems can strike at any age, the elderly population have a higher incidence of hearing difficulties. Hearing abilities begin to decrease around the ages of 30-40, and as we age this hearing loss progresses.
It is important to see a health care professional when it becomes evident that some degree of hearing loss has occurred.

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