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Sometimes hearing loss is not a permanent problem, but instead something that can be treated by your doctor. These are just a few of the most common causes for hearing loss that you should be aware of. Author Info AdminZounds Hearing of Chattanooga believes that high end hearing technology should be available an at affordable price. Permanent childhood hearing loss can be congenital, delayed-onset, progressive, or acquired. Large vestibular aqueduct (LVA), a congenital enlargement of the cochlear aqueduct, is the most common malformation of the inner ear associated with sensorineural hearing loss. LVAS is diagnosed through magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), which is useful in visualizing the endolymphatic duct and sac soft tissues. With LVAS, it is important to protect the residual hearing by avoiding scuba diving and activities that could lead to head injury, and by wearing a helmet when bike riding, skateboarding, or skiing. Acquired cholesteatoma, the type that generally occur as a result of infection, is the most common type of cholesteatoma. A cholesteatoma is treated surgically with a primary goal of total eradication of the disease to obtain a safe and dry ear.
One of the most common and yet completely preventable causes of permanent sensorineural hearing loss is exposure to sound levels that are excessively loud.
Children will experience one or some of the most common hearing problems with the most common being otitis media, a condition of the middle ear. An excessive amount of wax in the ear canal can block sound waves from going to the eardrum. Another common condition affecting the outer ear canal is called a€?swimmera€™s ear.a€? This external ear canal infection may be painful and cause the ear canal to swell, resulting in temporary hearing loss.
Another form, Otitis Media with Effusion (OME), is characterized by persistent fluid in the middle ear and usually follows an episode of AOM. To diagnose an ear infection, the physician can use a pneumatic otoscope to see the appearance of the eardrum and examine movement in response to small changes in air pressure.
Treatment of acute otitis media typically includes antibiotics and sometimes additional medications prescribed by the physician.
If you are concerned that your child might have one of the above problems, contact us at 972-566-7600 to schedule an appointment with one of our physicians. The average lifespan of a hearing aid is about 5-7 years, although proper care and maintenance can prolong the life of your instruments. There are going to be advances in technology all the time, making the core of the hearing aid faster and “smarter”. Hearing loss is a global problem, with approximately 250 million people affected worldwide according to the World Health Organization.
The Starkey Hearing Foundation has funded many global hearing missions to South America, Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. Information on how to apply for the Hear Now program and how to donate to the Hear Now program can be found online. The Oticon Hearing Foundation works with hearing health care professionals to create humanitarian trips around the world that provide donated hearing aids to people with hearing loss, as well as education to local healthcare professionals at the mission sites. Oticon’s Hearing With our Hearts program accepts gently used Oticon products for donation to its various humanitarian projects.
Information on where to send your donated hearing aids can be found on the website linked below. We were also able to work with students and professors in the Speech Pathology and Audiology department from Wits University in Johannesburg. As a side note: This trip was not all work; we were able to squeeze in a few fun activities! The bottom line of this post: If you have an old pair of hearing aids that are still functional, you can donate them! 2.As a preliminary step in certain surgeries on the upper airway such as surgical treatments for head and neck cancer.
4.Respiratory nerve damage temporary or permanent causing paralysis of chest muscles that assist in breathing. These patients may also aspirate their gastric content into the lungs and a tracheostomy tube may be helpful for aspiration these secretions.
It is not uncommon for patients to keep their tracheostomy in place even after discharge from the hospital. Your doctor has decided that you will be sent home with your tracheostomy tube in place (Figure 1). Extra humidity is required because the nose and mouth, which filter, warm, and moisten the air you breathe, are bypassed. The purpose of instilling saline solution into your airway is to stimulate a cough and clear secretions. 6.When secretions become thick and dry, saline solution may need to be instilled as often as every hour. 2.Fill the humidifier tub with equal parts of vinegar and water and turn the humidifier on for 1 hour.
In most cases, the use of saline solution and a humidifier keeps your secretions thin enough to cough or suction out. 12.Fill a spray bottle with saline solution and spray into your tracheostomy tube several times a day. 1.To unlock and remove the inner cannula, turn it until the notch area is reached and slide it out.
2.The cork should be removed for shortness of breath or to cough out secretions that you cannot handle through the nose or mouth.
4.If using twill tape (sometimes referred to as umbilical tape) or bias tape, cut a piece of tape approximately 30 inches long (Figure 5).
Regardless of it the tracheostomy is secured with velcro or twill tape, you want to make sure that the tracheostomy tube is secure and tight to the neck. 5.Quickly remove the obturator, take a breath, and secure the tie or Velcro tube holder (Figure 11). Clean plastic tubes with mild soap and water or equal parts of hydrogen peroxide and water. Soak catheters in equal parts of white vinegar and tap water (1 cup vinegar to 1 cup water) for 1 hour.
Do not use over-the-counter antihistamines (cold medications), which dry secretions and the airway.
During cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), breathing must be performed mouth to tracheostomy tube not mouth to mouth.
Before you leave the hospital, a visiting nurse may be contacted to assist you with your home care and help you obtain supplies.
Again, these are general guidelines for tracheostomy care and may differ from what your physician recommends. So a while back I published an article about physicians who, for a variety of possible reasons, seem to try to "up-sell" procedures or other increased revenue generating choices to patients rather than what's necessarily the best. It would be a play on the old adage that if you're a hammer, then everything looks like a nail. 1 - Did you have a long history of sinus problems before your ENT recommended BSP, or was it recommended only after a single episode or two?
3 - Did your ENT suggest that BSP was a great first step, but if it didn't work, then you could go to the OR for a more formal procedure? 4 - Did your ENT advertise their practice on the radio, on billboards, on TV, in magazines, or online as a BSP office? 1 - First visit, a detailed history and physical which may or may not include nasal endoscopy. As changes in health care reimbursement continue to hurt physicians, the pressure to find great options to make a good living may influence some to err on the side of finance rather than health care. An informed patient is the best way to make sure you are getting the right options presented.
One of the more frequent complaints that bring patients to the ENT’s office is postnasal drip. In some extreme cases, they will complain of feeling like the mucous is blocking their airway and forcing them to choke or gag. Often by the time these patients show up they have tried a variety of nasal sprays, decongestants, allergy medications, antibiotics, oral steroids and are often frustrated because nothing has helped. What these patients are probably suffering from is not related to the nose at all, but is actually related to their stomach. The term LARYNGOPHARYNGEAL REFLUX (LPR) refers to the backflow of stomach contents into the larynx and pharynx (the voice box and throat). I have seen patients that have come to me for second or third opinions because the first ENT told them it was reflux and they didn’t believe it.
So to answer their first question, LPR is different from traditional gastroesophageal reflux (GERD) or heartburn. The average person produces 1.5 liters of mucous a day from their sinuses and 1-2 liters of saliva from their oral cavity. It is kind of like a guy at work who keeps getting hounded by his boss and then explodes on a coworker when asked a benign, innocent question that normally wouldn’t bother him at all. Caffeine, Chocolate, licorice, and mints have all been shown to increase the stomachs acid production. Carbonated beverages, even if caffeine free can cause LPR because the carbonation can cause acid to rise up the esophagus into the throat. Alcohol doesn’t actually increase the production of acid, but it relaxes the smooth muscles in the esophagus that usually help keep the acid from rising all the way into the stomach. Below is the video from a flexible laryngoscopy that demonstrates some of the findings seen in patients with LPR.
Below is a very well done video that was produced by the Georgia Health Sciences University that discusses how reflux can affect the voice box.
Traditional heartburn can be treated with several medications such as traditional antacids, H2 Blockers (Pepcid, Zantac), or Proton pump inhibitors (PPIs). While treatment of LPR can be successful with once a day dosing, often patients have to take the medications twice a day to eliminate their symptoms. I tell patients that the irritation caused by the reflux is kind of like a callus that a carpenter gets on his hands from chronic use.
Some medicines increase the acid levels in your stomach and cause more symptoms of your LPR. This last item can be achieved by sleeping on extra pillows or placing bricks or risers under the feet of the head of the bed.
While LPR is responsible for many complaints of postnasal drainage, cough, throat clearing, globus sensation and hoarseness, many other causes exist.
Tonsil stones, called tonsiliths or tonsiloliths, are concretions that form in the pockets of your tonsils.
If you suffer from tonsil stones that are difficult to control with conservative treatment options, come see us for a visit.
In an previous post we discussed 10 hearing aid pearls to help guide patients through the hearing aid experience.

15.The more you can tell your audiologist about your needs (where you have the most trouble, what your work environment is like, etc) when deciding on a hearing aid helps them pick the best product for you. The image below from Oticon breaks the sizes down even further and discusses the various benefits and drawbacks of each. 21.Kidding aside, if you have small children, you need to make sure to keep the hearing aid batteries out of reach. Hearing Loss in Children & Speech Intelligibility: Is Integration Right for Your Child?
Hearing Loss in Children & Speech Intelligibility: Is Integration Right for Your Child? Hearing loss in children necessitates close collaboration with teachers, the special education team, and speech therapists.
Professor Tova Most from Tel Aviv University and her co-workers published the study in the Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education. Another takeaway from this research is that is does stress the importance of speech development and intelligibility for children with hearing loss.
One of the most common causes of hearing loss (albeit temporary) is exposure to loud noise for a prolonged period. A serious head injury can have a devastating effect, and can be one of the causes of hearing loss.
Obviously, if you are concerned about any drug treatment or regime you are currently on, and the possibility that it could be one of the causes of hearing loss, speak to your doctor. Sensorineural hearing loss is hearing loss that can be associated with damage to the nerves.
If any of the above conditions are affecting you at this moment in time, there are many courses of action you could take. It is important to understand the most common causes of hearing loss to reduce the risk of further damage when possible. Conditions such as an inner ear infection, fluid behind the ear drum or even earwax buildup can cause some level of hearing loss.
Some of the most commonly prescribed medications such as some antibiotics or aspirin can have a side effect called “ototoxicity”.
With 57 ground-breaking patents in technology currently, Zounds Hearing aid systems are able to be used by those with mild to severe hearing loss. Hearing loss from birth, referred to as congenital hearing loss, is often identified through a newborn hearing screening.
Conditions that may cause permanent acquired hearing loss in children include ototoxic medications, encephalitis, mumps, measles, meningitis, large vestibular aqueduct, head injury, and noise exposure.
A genetic factor can be inherited or non-inherited and refers to the a€?codea€? that determines the unique characteristics of a child. LVAS is typically bilateral and almost always leads to some degree of progressive or fluctuating hearing loss.
Parents are often challenged to find a middle ground between allowing their child to enjoy the typical physical activities of childhood and preventing future hearing loss. It is difficult to predict what will ultimately happen in any one case of LVAS because the condition follows no typical course. They are generally formed from the skin cells on the outside of the eardrum that have become folded into the middle ear as a result of ear infections or with a perforation of the eardrum. The surgical procedure used is designed for each individual case according to the extent of the disease.
High noise levels first cause temporary hearing loss and then permanent damage to the sensory hair cells within the cochlea. If speech must be raised to communicate, most likely the noise is excessive and possibly damaging.
If hearing and the use of hearing protection are important to you, it will also be important to your child. In most cases, it is a bacterial infection that develops in an ear canal that stays wet after bathing or swimming. Otitis media, also known as glue ear, is a general term used to describe various conditions of the middle ear. An Acute Otitis Media (AOM) episode sometimes known as suppurative otitis media is characterized by a sudden onset of ear pain that may be associated with fever, restlessness and some hearing loss. The fluid in the middle ear can impede the movement of the eardrum and of the middle ear bones. Often the condition subsides spontaneously or responds to medical treatment without prolonged hearing loss or other complications; however, when the OME is unresolved and hearing loss in both ears is present, ventilation or pressure equalizing (PE) tympanotomy tubes may be necessary. Due to the strong smell of the vinegar, place the humidifier in a room where no one is present.
Insert tie through opening in the neck plate and bring it around to the other side of the neck. I think this happens sometimes in plastic surgery, but an alarming rate of this is starting to be seen in other parts of otolaryngology as well. I'm sure if you've read this blog, you've heard, read, or seen advertisements for balloon sinuplasty (BSP).
In other words, whereas in years past you'd have to have sinus surgery in the operating room, now you can have it done in the office.
It is not uncommon for a doctor to make $10k doing this in the office, when they might make $1-2K by doing it in the OR.
Did you know that more than 60% of chronic sinusitis can be cleared with medical therapy without the need for surgery? I think that if you feel you're being sold to try BSP first as an intermediate step before you could get a procedure in the OR, you are not getting full disclosure of the risks, benefits, and alternatives of treatment for sinusitis. Did they try to explain how they were the best at it, did the most, or knew what you needed?
My doc better well know why there is a controversy and why they'd recommend one way or another for me. Your sinusitis may feel like there's a nail in your face, but you are not a nail, if your ENT is a hammer, you may only get offered BSP.
LPR can occur during the day or night, and many people who have LPR will not have heartburn; so LPR is sometimes called silent reflux. No special preparation is needed for this examination.?The doctor will use a mirror and light, or a special flexible camera (flexible laryngoscope). These medications (with the exception of Dexilant) need to be taken 30-60 minutes prior to eating to be maximally effective. Review all of your medicines including over-thecounter and dietary supplements with your doctor. Christopher Chang, an otolaryngologist in Virginia, and I have completed a small study evaluating the efficacy of a new conservative treatment option for tonsil stones. Chang also has a short video showing the technique on a patient who is under general anesthesia. And if it doesn't work well for you, or if it works well in some places but not in others, let them know and this may be able to be fixed. Thrasher has completed extensive training travelling to the University of Pennsylvania as well as Baylor Medical Center in Houston to become certified on the robot.
If you’ve been dealing with speech therapy and special education for a while now, you’re probably already familiar with the concept of integration in the classroom.
They evaluated children with hearing loss in a regular classroom (one child with hearing loss per classroom) and children in group inclusion (where several children with hearing loss are in a regular classroom). For starters, the researchers found that in general, the children who were in individual inclusion were typically more socially competent than those in group inclusion. Remember that you know your child best, and if you feel that he would do better in one setting over another, insist upon that in the IEP. If you suspect that your child might have hearing loss, have him evaluated sooner rather than later.
This is one of the main reasons why so many music players have volume locks on them these days. If a person was to suffer a blow to the head they can suffer something called a traumatic brain injury (or TBI). Many of these drugs are readily available from doctors and are not necessarily viewed as dangerous.
This is hereditary, and is the result of a bony formation around the middle of the inner ear. In addition to the recommended medical support, we also offer our product The Hearing Loss Pill. The truth is that most people never do anything with the products they buy, so most of the time, they dona€™t get ANY results.
As you can see, you certainly are not alone in your struggle to hear and accurately understand those around you. That ear ringing and muffled type sounds you heard for a few hours afterward is actually temporary hearing loss. Once you and your doctor work together to remove or treat these ear troubles, your hearing is likely to be restored. Receiving an annual hearing test is the best way to catch a hearing loss early and allow you to seek treatment early. Zounds Hearing of Chattanooga is located at 1511 Gunbarrel Road, Suite 107, Chattanooga, TN 37421. The vestibular aqueduct is the bony canal that travels from the vestibule into the temporal bone.
No relationship exists between the size of the large aqueduct and the amount of hearing loss. The squamous epithelium, or skin layer, of the outside of the eardrum is continuously replaced and the old skin elements are meant to come out through the ear canal. Ringing in the ears known as tinnitus after noise exposure indicates excessive sound levels.
When using power tools or mowing the lawn, use hearing protection and if your child is playing nearby, make him or her also use hearing protection.
For more information or if you have any concerns, contact us at 972-566-7600 to schedule an appointment with one of our physicians.
The ear infection will usually respond to medical treatment, but in some rare cases, AOM may result in a rupture or perforation of the eardrum with drainage into the outer ear. Depending on the thickness of the fluid, mild to moderate conductive hearing loss can result.
The adenoids, which sit behind the nose at the opening of the eustachian tube, may obstruct the eustachian tube. These tubes remain in the ear for several months or even a few years and often when the tubes fall out, the eustachian tube has further matured and begun to function better. Pass the catheter as far as you can without force, then withdraw slightly before starting suction (Figure 3). The gauze may be held in place by folding it over twill tape or bias tape tied around your neck.
Place emergency numbers near the phone, such as the fire department, ambulance, visiting nurse, or doctor.

Arrangements for a suction machine, if needed, will be completed before you leave the hospital. If all of a sudden you could do less work for more money at your job, we'd all take that opportunity. It is something that is available as a treatment, but because it is by definition invasive (even if minimally) it should not be the first option offered.
Perhaps it's because they know how much money it can generate and driving patients into the office is the most important way to generate procedures.
One risk I'm trying to avoid is ordering a CT simply because I have the economic pressure to make sure I have a return on my investment to get one. However, when I've seen patients who complain of only having post nasal drainage, have a normal CT, a normal nasal endoscopy, positive allergies, but they've had BSP because it's what the ENT recommended, I become worried that patients are being sold on a procedure for the benefit of the ENT, not for their own health benefit. The tissue in your throat and voice box may look red, irritated and swollen from the acid reflux (backflow) damage. It can take several weeks to even months of consistent treatment with PPIs before for symptoms begin to improve. While not dangerous or an health risk in and of themselves, they can cause irritation at the back of the throat (like the sensation of a popcorn kernal stuck back there), and bad breath (known as halitosis). If not, possibly a different aid might be better (which is why the return policy is important). This is the first of several posts designed to introduce the robot and its uses for improving the care of patients in North Texas. Some children might head to the special resources room for speech therapy and similar sessions during the school day, for example, while others remain in the classroom for speech therapy in that setting. The researchers who were involved in the study wanted to determine the effects of hearing loss in children on social competence and inclusion. It’s okay if it takes a little trial and error – remember that you can request an IEP review and modification at any time if your child would rather try something different.
Here, we will look at some of the causes of hearing loss and explain how they impact upon the sufferer. The symptoms can include ringing in one ear or complete hearing loss, as well as a feeling of fullness. However, when we talk about specific causes of hearing loss related to the nerves we should mention multiple sclerosis, which is a neurological condition affecting the brain and the spinal cord that can also affect hearing. The science behind the pill allows for the undamaged hair cells within the ear to process greater sound information, thus compensating for the non functioning damaged cells. A thorough hearing test with your local hearing specialist is an important yearly tradition, especially now.
The potential for correctable ear problems is why we always begin hearing tests with a basic examination of the ear canal and ear drum before investigating problems with tone or frequency.
For a thorough and complete hearing test, we invite you to visit us at Zounds Hearing of Chattanooga. As a result, it is important to monitor hearing over time for children who are considered to be at risk for hearing loss. The two types of genetic hearing loss are nonsyndromic hearing loss and syndromic hearing loss.
Inside the vestibular aqueduct is a tube known as the endolymphatic duct that carries endolymph fluid from the inner ear to the endolymphatic sac.
Typically, the hearing loss does not occur until after a minor or major head injury or an upper respiratory infection. Children with LVAS can benefit from hearing aids; if the hearing loss progresses to a severe to profound degree in both ears, a cochlear implant can be considered.
When these skin elements become trapped behind the eardrum in the middle ear or mastoid, it is called a cholesteatoma. Noise produced by various modes of transportation (airplanes, subways, trains) and home appliances (stereo speakers, power tools, lawn mowers, hair dryers) may be damaging to hearing depending upon the exposure time and distance to the noise source. Children should be told about the dangers of noise exposure and the use of ear protection (ear plugs, ear muffs).
Ear infections are second only to well-baby checks as the reason for office visits to a physician, accounting for approximately 30 million office visits annually in the United States. This may prevent the child from being able to hear all speech sounds, which is particularly harmful during the early years of language learning. More often, the adenoids become infected and the bacteria contribute to middle ear infections. Children with poor immune systems or respiratory allergies can have a greater incidence of otitis media. A family member or friend should also learn your cares and practice helping you so that, if needed, someone can assist you at home. The obturator is removed after inserting the tube and should be kept handy for use should the tube come out.
What if you really wanted that new car, or that vacation, or to pay off that terrible debt you have carried for so long?
So if most people can resolve disease without a procedure, it's worth considering starting with conservative options and then proceeding to more aggressive choices.
An in-office CT is incredibly expensive and making sure it is financially viable is stressful.
This will eventually go away with lifestyle changes and medication, however, the healing may take a while. In the latter case, a speech therapist or aide will work with the child as he participates in classroom activities, and the speech therapist will also work closely with the teacher.
Those with reduced speech intelligibility were less socially competent in individual inclusion than in group inclusion.
And keep a regular line of communication with the teachers to assess how your child is integrating into the classroom.
This kind of hearing loss trigger can also lead to the painful problem of tinnitus1, where there is persistent and sometimes even permanent ringing in the sufferer?s ears.
The testimonials you see on this web site are some of our better results and are not typical. Your level of hearing loss can be mild or severe but in age related hearing loss, the effects are always permanent yet treatable through digital hearing aids. The tiny, hair-like cells inside the ear canal may not ever fully recover from any of these loud noise exposures. Our Tennessee licensed hearing specialists can answer all of your questions and recommend the best treatment options for your loss.
A physician will guide you through the process to determine the cause of your babya€™s hearing loss. A nonsyndromic hearing loss means that the hearing loss occurs without involvement of other systems in the body.
When the vestibular aqueduct is enlarged, the endolymphatic sac and duct enlarge to fill the space.
Even active play like jumping can shake the head enough to result in hearing loss if LVAS is present.
Cholesteatoma typically grows very slowly and begins to cause symptoms as it compresses and erodes the structures of the middle ear and surrounding areas.
These skin cells grow in the middle ear and have no way of coming out of the middle ear cavity because of the intact eardrum. Even some toys can produce intense sound and certainly sound levels at some music concerts can damage hearing. If you are interested in custom hearing protection for you or your child, contact us at 972-566-7359. While some children appear to suffer no negative consequences from otitis media, others may be delayed in speech development and later academic problems. Tubes can restore hearing to normal, prevent fluid from recurring, decrease the number of acute ear infections, and prevent damage to the middle ear bones as well as other more serious ear complications. Would you be tempted to potentially look to do jobs where there wasn't really a need, just to get that extra money? Can you be sure the CT was ordered because it is what's best for you or what's best for the practice's bottom line? The researchers evaluated the social competence (perceived loneliness) of the children through the lens of their speech intelligibility.
And bear in mind that social competence is not only important for a child’s emotional well-being, but it also lends itself to successful classwork and group work. They stuck to the dose as directed and maintained a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet alongside it. Not just hobbies cause hearing loss, years of working in a noisy job environment will slowly take its toll on your hearing ability. The process begins by the physician reviewing your family history, your babya€™s birth history, and an examination of your child. It is thought that the endolymphatic sac and duct help regulate the concentration of ions in the cochlear fluids and this enlargement may result in a chemical imbalance, disrupting the transmission of hearing and balance nerve signals to the brain.
Generally, the hearing loss occurs in a series of steps; with each minor event, the hearing loss progresses until reaching a level of profound hearing loss.
Often the debris is infected with bacteria or other organisms, causing drainage and a foul smell. The inner cannula is inserted into the outer cannula and locked into place and should only be removed for cleaning. Also, it's a pretty well-understood principle that an ENT shouldn't operate on the sinuses without a CT. The important thing to remember with all these different models is that there is no “one size fits all” solution. If a child feels like an outcast because of a disability, his academic progress may suffer. Speech Buddies are nifty little devices for helping a child learn proper articulation, even if he struggles to hear what he’s saying.
To prevent noise induced hearing loss, invest in ear plugs and noise canceling earmuffs to protect you while in noisy environments. A syndromic hearing loss means that the hearing loss is in addition to a recognized set of characteristics. LVA can result from abnormal or delayed development of the inner ear (non-syndromal) or may be associated with syndromes such as Pendred syndrome, brancio-oto-renal syndrome, CHARGE syndrome, or Waardenburg syndrome.
I feel like it is the single best first surgical option for the treatment of frontal sinus disease if medical therapy fails. Putting (instilling) saline solution (a salt solution) into the trachea adds moisture and causes a cough to clear secretions from your airway. So it’s critically important to work with the Individualized Education Program (IEP) team to determine what suits your child best.
Examples of genetic disorders that include hearing loss are Down syndrome, Usher syndrome, Treacher Collins syndrome, Crouzon syndrome, Alport syndrome, Sickle cell disease, Tay-Sachs disease, Waardenburg syndrome, Pendred syndrome, Goldenhar syndrome, and CHARGE syndrome.

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