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If you suffer from mild to severe hearing loss, you probably know the difficulties of cell phone communication.
This article is designed to help anyone seeking the best cell phones for the hearing impaired.
For anyone with hearing loss, the usual cure is to increase the volume, and a hearing impaired cell phone is no different. The easiest way for them to manage this is to increase the overall power capacity, speaker size and quality, and the amplification circuitry in the phone itself. Options and ChoicesCell Phones for Hearing ImpairedIf you're looking for a cell phone for the hard of hearing, you might be a bit disappointed with the overall selection.
Fortunately, many conventional cell phones have options that make them almost on par with hearing impaired cell phones out there. Cell phones for the hearing impaired also include improvements over conventional land lines, such as texting.
First off, a hearing impaired cell phone isn't compatible for people who don't require amplification. Secondly, if you have a hearing aid you might find you cell phone creates interference with it. You may also want to experiment with whether or not your hearing aid works with your hard of hearing cell phone, comfort wise.
There are some specific brands out there designed for those with hearing loss, and they are all good choices. Some of the best brands for hearing impaired cell phones are AT&T, T-Mobile (the Sidekick series in particular) Clarity and HandlePlus. The decibel rating and the quality of the speaker and amplifier are the most important things to consider in any brand.
Cell Phone Volume ControlAnother very simple step when seeking a cell phone for the hearing impaired is to identify models that offer a volume control which increases volume adequately.
Potential buyers also need to check out the volume control to assure that it is easy and convenient to operate as it may be a frequently used function. There are a few cell phone models that offer padding around the earpiece that help to filter out background noise.
Specialized Cell Phone ModelsA Jitterbug phone is one option that offers good volume and a padded earpiece. The Jitterbug5 offers easy access to doctors and nurses, the ability to set up medication reminders and check in calls if desired, voice dial, and much more. The Text Messaging Option as an Alternative to CallingFor some, getting a phone with text messaging capabilities can be a great way of communicating quickly and easily.
Some have suggested using a Blackberry specifically as it offers text to voice and voice to text capabilities but even newer Windows phones (Mango) are getting good reviews for their speech-to-text capabilities. If texting will be the primary method of communication, learning more about data only plans may be in order as well. Data Only Plans for the Deaf and Those with Profound Hearing LossFinding the right cell phone for the hearing impaired or deaf individual is only the start in some cases.
Vibration AlertFor the deaf and many of those with hearing loss, a vibration alert is more effective and less intrusive to others than a loud ringtone. Best Cell Phone Design for Those with Hearing ImpairmentCell phones come in two primary designs.
Other Cell Phone Considerations for Those with Hearing ImpairmentUsing the telecoil setting on a hearing aid tends to decrease background noise and feedback.
VCO Capabilities for a Cell PhoneA VCO (Voice Carry Over) Phone is similar to a standard amplified phone with a text screen for typed messages.
Is Hatis the Answer?Hatis is a simple earpeice with an induction coupler that goes into the ear.
More by this Author13SmartphonesFinding a Phone for Calls, Only Calls.Cell phones are great little tools and entertainment devices. Music-Resource 8 years ago Hi Mulberry, Nice Cell Phones for the Hearing Impaired lens. M Schaut 8 years ago from Detroit Boy, it really makes sense that phones would now be suitable for the hearing impaired!
SusanDeppner 8 years ago from Arkansas USA More great information that I can understand!
Spook LM 7 years ago I have a cochlear ear implant and to date any cellphone I have had has not been compatible with the electronics inside my head. ArtByLinda 7 years ago from Idaho This is great information, my husband needs one of these! ArtByLinda 7 years ago from Idaho Hi Mulberry, thanks for your kind words about the photo's on my Kootenay Lake, BC, I really appreciate you stopping by.

SusanDeppner 7 years ago from Arkansas USA Congratulations on your Giant Squid Awards nomination. Ramkitten2000 7 years ago from Flagstaff, Arizona My mom could certainly use one of these.
JenOfChicago LM 6 years ago A great comprehensive list for those in need of special phone services - thanks for putting this together. Ladyclodine 6 years ago It's a good thing to know that a lot of people do acknowledge deaf people. Gail47 5 years ago My dad does well as far as hearing on his cell phone, but has trouble hearing the ringtone in the first place and occasionally misses calls.
People who suffer from hearing impairment are constantly at a disadvantage when it comes to cell phones. Apple iPhone 5 has also passed many of the tests for being a great option for those with hearing problems. There will also be certain accessories that you can get for your phone that will help such as hearing aids for cellphone. Finding a cell phone for the hearing impaired can be extremely tricky, since most do not produce great sound even at the best of times. Just like how various types of hearing aids will amplify ambient sound and project them into your ears, a cell phone for hard of hearing will allow for greatly increased volume and clarity. There are a lot of models out there, yes, but not all of them have the fancy features and newest technology on them. Many newer smart phones have high quality speakers and can be programmed (through apps) to produce at higher volume than usual. If you plan to share your cell phone with someone who doesn't have any hearing loss, think again; they will likely find the phone very painful to use. If you have an over the ear or in the ear hearing aid, you might experience some discomfort with having a certain phone pressed against your ear. It should be noted that many of these devices are designed for senior citizens, so they'll include a simple user interface and large buttons.
Users should compare ratings based on which setting they use on their hearing aid while on the cell phone.
Having less unwanted noise competing with the signal the listener needs to hear results in easier communication.
The Jitterbug Splash is waterproof, and the Jitterbug Touch2 offers a 4" touch screen and internet access but with simple menus and other Jitterbug features.
It offers volume up to 25dB and is a quadband GSM phone (works on the AT&T, T-Mobile and other GSM networks).
Most modern cell phones offer texting capabilities and if paired with a data service plan can be a great add on feature. If you're interested in other phones, see our page about the best phones for text messaging. Finding the right plan can be equally important, especially if the phone will be used primarily for text messaging. Most cell phones offer the option of using a vibration instead of a ringtone, thus this should be an easy to find feature.A phone which can be clipped onto the clothing of the owner allows easy detection of the vibration and thus, a clip or similar feature should be sought. Some cell phones are shaped like a "candy bar", just a rectangular shape with no need to flip it open to use it.The best cell phone for the hearing impaired individual however, has a clam shell design" which flips open giving the phone a longer profile. However, even the backlight on a cell phone can create problems, thus a cell phone that allows users to switch off the backlight is preferred to reduce the occurrence of intrusive noise.Some manufacturers have also developed neckloops such as the Clear Sounds CLA7-V2 which can help increase the distance between the compenents of the cell phone and the telecoil. A VCO phone allows the deaf or HOH person to speak directly into the handset to communicate. It can be used with both in-the-ear and behind-the-ear T-coil hearing aids for those with moderate to profound hearing loss.
Faster connections have also helped by making the quality of the video more appropriate for real time communication via sign language.A user just needs a front facing camera on the phone and of course the right application helps too. Thank God my newest cell phone is equipped with a much better and louder volume control; which is exactly what I was looking for, as many phones will not turn up loud enough for me. As parents and we ourselves (baby boomers) age, these things take on increasing importance. Basically I can hear over a normal landline but have immense difficulty understanding, unless it's someone I know well and vice versa. Thinking about my situation, it may also be useful to do a lens on landline phones for the hearing impaired?
We have a heck of a time having a conversation when she's on her cell (let alone when we're in the same room). Many times the speakers are not loud enough, so they have trouble hearing what the person on the line is saying.

This phone has one of the highest ratings for their sound quality and clarity that comes through the speaker. One reason this is such a great option is because it has a built in noise cancellation feature that helps to block out other noises that are in the room with the person. This is still going to be a great phone for the hearing impaired, but it will just not have as high of a price tag. This phone has been praised for its speaker quality on both the ear speaker as well as the speaker on the back of the phone that would be used for speaking on the phone if it not directly on your ear. This is an actual hearing aid that can connect wirelessly to your cell phone, so you can stream the calls you get directly into your hearing aid. This is an amplifier that you can connect to your phone, so when someone calls, you can use the amplifier as your headset. Each of them will make hearing your phone calls much easier, and you can find all of them on eBay. We'll touch on the different requirements you might have and cell phones that could help cover those areas, and we'll talk about the best brands out there, and what you can expect to see price wise.
It also means your hearing impaired cell phone will likely weigh and cost a bit more than a conventional one, a result of all the extra tech stuffed in there. It's all about demand, and since there is a lower demand for this technology than for standard types, it can be tricky tracking down what you want. In order to avoid this, you'll need to be aware of the 'microphone' and 'telecoil' rating of your hearing aid and your cell phone. Cell phones for the hearing impaired are often simple and straightforward (a plus for some, a negative for others). A Jitterug cell phone also offers a T4 rating for those with telecoil hearing aids, and has larger, easy to use buttons and simple commands. When necessary, clips and similar devices can be purchased separately so this should not be a limiting factor. Such phones are more easily held to the ear and can even offer the padding mentioned earlier to block out background noise.In addition, the longer profile of such cell phones provides increased distance from the transmission components of the cell phone, minimizing any interference that may occur as a result of proximity to any hearing aid.
It allows such individuals to hear conversations with much better audio quality.It can plug into any audio jack, from cell phones and landlines to equipment such as a television or MP3 player. Perhaps you could give me a recommendation, but of course you are no means obliged to do this. Unfortunately for elderly people the sound is often the least of their problems, using the phone is a real issue. It's one of the most frustrating things for people with good hearing to have to repeat yourself time and time again. However, there are some cell phones for hearing aids and accessories that will be the best, and you should find these to make sure you have the phone that will work the best for your hearing impairment. Plus, when you get this phone, you will get all of the features that come with it such as the tough screen and the Samsung technology that goes into it.
Therefore, the sounds coming through the phone will be easier to hear because there will not be other noises getting in the way.
With this phone, you can be driving and take a call without needing to put the phone up to your face to be able to hear the other person on the line. This is a perfect option for those people with serious hearing impairments where they can only hear what comes through the hearing aid. This will increase the volume of your phone up to one hundred times louder than it would normally be. Merely do a search for what you want, and then, you will be able to buy the one that best fits your needs.
If the combined rating of the cell phone and the users hearing aid is 6 or better, they should get satisfactory results.Just a few of the cell phones available which meet the hearing aid compatibility standards are shown near the bottom of this page.
It's just a basic phone for calls and text messaging but offers the volume some people need. With products like those offered by Convo the user gets a split screen with a sign language interpreter on the upper half of the screen to make communication flow between the two individuals. I'll lensroll this to a cell phone-related lens I have and put it in the discovery (intro) module as well. You try with full hearing coming from a different country to understand the Irish or the Scots, for example.
It features a 2.5" diagonal color QVGA screen and a very roomy, backlit QWERTY keyboard for easy messaging.

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