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From Coco with love, these charming Chanel earrings will capture your heart while attracting sweet compliments.
A smart twist on a classic look, these Chanel drop earrings feature a single pearl inlaid on both sides with a sparkling heart.
Styled in gold, these glittering Chanel earrings provide the perfect finish for everything from jeans and a tee to your favorite little black dress.
The Coeur collection twists the romantic heart motif to form a Monogram flower, filled with delicate Monogram lace. Make a stunning springtime statement with this Chanel metal chain bracelet interwoven with liberty print ribbon.

These earrings feature the iconic Chanel CC logo embellished with sparkling pave black stones set in silvertone.
CC logos are encircled with dainty black leather ribbon, and gilt links drop to concentric oversized hoops. Each earring has adorable pink and white enamel flowers have light gold accents and the Chanel logo in the center.
These earrings feature the iconic Chanel CC logo embellished with sparkling pave clear stones set in silvertone.
The exterior hoop is woven with black leather ribbon; the interior hoop is woven with white leather ribbon.

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