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And you can never go wrong with a vintage Chanel, but when it comes to eBay and authenticity you never really know. This authentic vintage Chanel quilted leather handbag features interlocking Cs and a turn-lock closure at the front flap.
This authentic vintage Chanel quilted, lizard-embossed leather handbag features quilted interlocking Cs at the front and back. I have a newer Maxi in my collection, but I would love to add a vintage clutch, like that one pictured above.

This is why I always turn to What Goes Around Comes Around, founded by college friends Gerard Maione and Seth Weisser.
She has been part of the Fashion editorial space for over 11 years specializing in Designer Handbags.
It’s a vintage vault and archive that houses one of the most extensive vintage fashion collections in the world. Vintage aficionados from across the globe, as well as editors, stylists, and top design teams look to WGACA Vintage for the best from fashion’s past.

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