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Additionally, hearing loss can be a side effect of other conditions and diseases such as autism, Down syndrome, and measles.
If you see any signs of deafness in your child, the first step you should take is scheduling a hearing test.
Ticking 'Remember my selection' will make sure you are returned to this country website again the next time you visit. Newborn babies - Newborn babies will generally 'startle' or jump in response to sudden loud noises. By 3-4 months - Your baby starts to recognize your voice (parents) and can vocalize consonant sounds (M, K, G, P and B) and some vowel sounds.
By 8-9 months - Your baby starts to understand the relationship between words and gestures. Don’t respond to things said to them, or don’t seem to notice that you have spoken to them. Shy - Particularly around people they don’t know, because they can’t understand everything they say. Exhaustion - Hearing takes a lot of energy - children with a hearing loss are often exhausted by the end of the day.
Misbehaving - A 'behavioral problem' can sometimes mask a hearing loss in children - often 'behavioral problems' result from frustration at not hearing correctly. Low self-esteem – People and peers may conclude that a child is cognitively delayed if they are missing information and the child may start to believe they are not capable or able to do things their peers can. Log in for the quickest way to learn about your specific sound processor, warranty information, customized upgrades, hearing tools, new product information and so much more! The Cochlear Family is designed to make your life easier, fuller, safer, more joyful, and more connected. Caring about your child's hearing is extremely important because it affects his or her ability to learn, socialise and communicate.
Hearing loss in children can also be caused by genetic factors,  illnesses and medication . If your child has one or more of the symptoms, that is a sign of a hearing loss, you shold contact your family doctor. If your child suffers from hearing loss, hearing aids may be the best remedy to improve the hearing ability and minimise the adverse effects of his or her hearing problem. Unfortunately you cannot use our pictures, as we do not have the copyright, but only have the right to use them on our website.
To play the media you will need to either update your browser to a recent version or update your Flash plugin. Hearing Loss in Children & Speech Intelligibility: Is Integration Right for Your Child?

Hearing Loss in Children & Speech Intelligibility: Is Integration Right for Your Child?
Hearing loss in children necessitates close collaboration with teachers, the special education team, and speech therapists.
Professor Tova Most from Tel Aviv University and her co-workers published the study in the Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education.
Another takeaway from this research is that is does stress the importance of speech development and intelligibility for children with hearing loss. When treatment is an option, it should start as early as possible – even when the child is as young as two months old.
Visit the My Child Without Limits support community and talk to fellow parents, caregivers, and experts about the challenges facing your child. If you child falls under any of these categories, it’s a good idea to have their hearing tested. Hearing exams are completely painless and will allow an audiologist to get a better grasp on the level of hearing loss, as well as how to treat it.
You should visit your Cochlear country website for the most accurate information specific to your location. If your child is not responding this way, it’s important that you make an appointment to see a hearing specialist. If, however, your child suffers from hearing loss due to excessive earwax, go to your family doctor for help.
An untreated hearing loss strongly affects your child's ability to learn, socialise and communicate. The only condition is that you provide a direct link to the specific article you use on the page where you quote us. If you’ve been dealing with speech therapy and special education for a while now, you’re probably already familiar with the concept of integration in the classroom. They evaluated children with hearing loss in a regular classroom (one child with hearing loss per classroom) and children in group inclusion (where several children with hearing loss are in a regular classroom). For starters, the researchers found that in general, the children who were in individual inclusion were typically more socially competent than those in group inclusion.
Remember that you know your child best, and if you feel that he would do better in one setting over another, insist upon that in the IEP.
If you suspect that your child might have hearing loss, have him evaluated sooner rather than later.
Early treatment of hearing loss can allow many infants to develop normal language skills without delay. She specializes in the treatment of sinusitis, sleep apnea, tonsillitis, and more ENT conditions.

The hearing loss can also be a bilateral hearing loss or the child can suffer from single sided deafness.
When your child has begun using hearing aids, you must remember that it takes time to get used to them. Some children might head to the special resources room for speech therapy and similar sessions during the school day, for example, while others remain in the classroom for speech therapy in that setting. The researchers who were involved in the study wanted to determine the effects of hearing loss in children on social competence and inclusion.
It’s okay if it takes a little trial and error – remember that you can request an IEP review and modification at any time if your child would rather try something different.
It must be treated quickly and correctly.  If your child often suffers from otitis media, then you must talk to your family doctor about it. In the latter case, a speech therapist or aide will work with the child as he participates in classroom activities, and the speech therapist will also work closely with the teacher. Those with reduced speech intelligibility were less socially competent in individual inclusion than in group inclusion. And keep a regular line of communication with the teachers to assess how your child is integrating into the classroom. The researchers evaluated the social competence (perceived loneliness) of the children through the lens of their speech intelligibility. And bear in mind that social competence is not only important for a child’s emotional well-being, but it also lends itself to successful classwork and group work. Some patients are candidates for a cochlear implant while others have clinical features that make it unlikely they will benefit from a cochlea implant. The important thing to remember with all these different models is that there is no “one size fits all” solution. If a child feels like an outcast because of a disability, his academic progress may suffer. Speech Buddies are nifty little devices for helping a child learn proper articulation, even if he struggles to hear what he’s saying. And there are other types of hearing loss that cannot be treated however the impacts of the hearing loss can be mitigated through education with particular focus on developing communication strategies. So it’s critically important to work with the Individualized Education Program (IEP) team to determine what suits your child best.

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