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Come in for your initial treatment and get $20 OFF the regular price of $45.  This includes Chiropractic Adjustment and Therapies.  Setup an appointment below, or mention this offer when you call! Customers appreciate our professional knowledge and expertise – but they love our personal and individual care.  Come see for yourself! When your body is in pain, that means something is not right!  Don’t mask the pain with aspirin or pain killers – get to the cause! Back PainIt is important to address the cause of the back pain and not merely the symptoms. Some patients only want their chiropractor to focus on pain relief, so we help them reach a pain-free state. A Chiropractor examines the function and structure of the spine, to determine what type of chiropractic treatment is appropriate for a patient.
Questions regarding the patients’ family history, what their diet is like, whether they have received other treatment, who current health-care providers are, their occupation, any pre-existing conditions, social background, and so on are asked. In terms of the physical examination, a variety of methods may be used and this does not exclude general medical exam methods such as taking blood pressure, testing reflexes, measuring respiration and others. Chiropractic examination includes both static and motion palpation techniques; in other words the Doctor will have a good hands-on feel of the spine, or may use diagnostic equipment, but this is not always necessary.

The patient may be required to move in a specific way, and any exercise given is designed to strengthen the underactive muscles of the body, back and pelvis, as well as stretch over-tight muscles. Some Chiropractic practitioners use a biomechanical concept which is holistic in its approach, and treats the body structure in its entirety. For some, Park Place Chiropractic will take them back to a place that is cozy and familiar, offering a rediscovery of health and wellness that had been previously known but long lost. Other patients choose health and wellness care, where we help relieve their pain and keep them healthier through periodic chiropractor visits and chiropractic treatments. This determination is completely separate from any other medical discipline; however, the examination itself is very similar to that of any standard medical examination procedure. Depending on the results of this physical exam, more tests may be called for or diagnostic equipment may be required to be used. Chiropractic treatment approaches very often use exercise as a primary component, as well as educating the patient what to, and not to do, to avoid future pain episodes.
Together with manipulation, this strengthening process generally results in better long term results.
Health and wellness patients are much less likely to suffer recurrence of their pain and enjoy other health benefits with regular care.

For example when low-back pain is the problem, a consultation takes place according to the Chiropractors clinical judgment. X-rays are able to locate subluxations, whereas palpation techniques may not, although this is not generally the case. Sometimes weak links may be identified far from the area of complaint, which might appear to be strange but is actually not, and even arch supports are also often prescribed. Palpation can reveal spinal bones which are restricted or fixated, and even enable posture analysis.
There is also other equipment used to determine the skin temperature in the spinal region, this is a tell-tale sign for an area which requires manipulation.

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