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My niece’s birthday is this week and she has been asking for earrings for her recently-pierced ears. At this point, I actually had to add a couple more foam squares to the back so that the stacks were as tall as the earring backs.
To finish it off, I used more of the grosgrain ribbon to tie a bow around the box, making it a perfect little gift box. One of the red beads snapped off the top so one of the earrings has an extra bit of wire and looks a bit strange. Also, if you come across this and have done the same thing then please tell me, I have not intentionally stolen ideas.

Place a bit of greaseproof paper over them and press on them with a hot iron (no steam!) for about 20 seconds or so.
If, like me, the top snapped off one then get a larger jump ring or wrap some wire around a pencil and snip it off to make a larger jump ring.
For the other, un-snapped one I just put a normal jump ring through the top hole and through the hole in the earring wire. You could use any colors but I have chosen sparkly clear for the icing with a red cherry on top. I was going to do something else so put some gold beads in the photo but by the time I decided not too I had made one earring so couldn't re-take the photo.

We could be throwing a unique party, refinishing a flea market find, or whipping up a new cupcake recipe.

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