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The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is the joint between your skull and the mandible (lower jaw).
Our goal is to diagnose and offer appropriate treatment that will help combat your head, neck, and facial pain or joint dysfunction. Because the TMJ is so complex, many factors can contribute to TMJ disorders including stress, lack of sleep and bruxing (jaw clenching and grinding). When head pain dictates lives, and sufferers visit doctor after doctor, without results - a trained, experienced dentist can be the answer!
Patients may also benefit from medications, physical therapy, stress management, nutritional counseling and self-help information. Enhancing your smile and oral health by a team of A Board Certified Specialists A  Experience the highest level of care in dentistry. Headaches are primarily a disorder of the Trigeminal Nerves and the tissues they innervate. It is important to first explain that a "syndrome" is simply a collection of the symptoms and "disorder" is the actual condition. Another common cause involves displacement or dislocation of the disk that is located between the jawbone and the socket.
The muscles that stabilize the joint become fatigued from overwork, which can happen if you continuously clench or grind your teeth. A team of Board Certified Specialist with advanced education and training in these conditions can identify the root cause of the pain.
The physiology and pathology of awake bruxism are related to stress and anxiety._____________________________________________Bruxism appears to be modulated by various neurotransmitters in the central nervous system.
Most TMJ dysfunction that occurs results in an inability to open your jaw normally, fully and evenly (left vs right).
Closing dysfunction can be due to biota teeth occlusion and an inability of the TMJ to close normally.

The two TMJ's are located in front of your ears and each joint has a small disc of cartilage that allows smooth movement. Treatment focuses on alleviating TMJ-associated pain, improving jaw function and stabilizing the joint. Other factors such as medications, poor nutrition, poor posture, past head and neck trauma, orthopedic problems, genetics, and poor dental health may also lead to problems. Van der Werff will help you understand your condition and work with you to help you choose an appropriate treatment plan.
Van der Werff provides TMJ Care, and Dental Sleep Appliances providing services in the greater Northern California region north of the San Francisco Bay Area. The evidence is becoming increasingly stronger that the majority of headache patients also have symptoms of Temporo-mandibular disorders and the treatment of these disorders is essential to management and relief of headaches. The disk can also develop a hole or perforation, which can produce a grating sound with joint movement. The disk can also develop a hole or perforation, which can produce a grating sound with joint movement cause pain when opening and closing the mouth. This can cause significant pain around the TM joint itself but the discomfort can also spread and surface in places outside the TMJ area. More specifically, disturbances in the central dopaminergic system have been linked to bruxism. Luckily nearly all opening dysfunctions respond extremely quickly and favorably to physiotherapy assessment and intervention since teeth occlusion is not an issue. If the problem is simply a stiff joint or poor muscle timing then physiotherapy treatment will be very successful.
Even some fibromyalgia, tinnitus and migraine patients may be helped with our conservative, non-invasive treatment.
In fact, any malfunction that prevents the complex system of muscles, bones and ligaments from working together may lead to TMJ disorder.

Many times, patients benefit from a custom-fitted oral device - a splint (or orthotic) made of clear acrylic. Patients wishing to avoid migraines and extensive drug regimens often find the solution through Neuromuscular dental treatment.
Further, factors like smoking, alcohol, drugs, diseases and trauma may be involved in the bruxism aetiology. Amazingly, a lot of the supposed TMJ dysfunction issues are actually caused by stiff neck joints. However, if teeth occlusion issues are discovered, then you will be referred to a dental surgeon for a bite occlusion assessment. When specific muscles contract, they move the mandible (lower jaw) to allow chewing and talking. If needed, special diagnostic procedures such as joint vibration analysis, cone beam imaging, MRI, or computerized joint tracking can be used to determine the condition of the TMJ and associated muscles. Splints can be constructed in over 100 different designs and choosing the appropriate design will optimize treatment results. Only 2-3% of all TMJ disorder patients require surgery, orthodontics, or extensive restorative dental care. In addition to jaw joint pain and dysfunction, difficulty with swallowing and snoring can be related to TMJ disorders.

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