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The blue crosses - X indicates the left ear air conduction responces whilst the red circles - O represents the right ear air conduction responces. A conductive loss audiogram is easily recognizeable because the bone conduction responces are always within the normal hearing range, in other words above the red line on the audiogram and the air conduction responces are below the normal range.
Particularly, anomalies of the tympanic part of the FC can lead to congenital conductive hearing loss (CCHL) by overlying the oval window (OW) or by associated OW anomalies. The natural appearance of middle ear ossiclesClick here to viewExploratory tympanotomy was made in the left ear with an endaural incision approach.
The FC was dehiscent at the area of contact with the incus; however, in other areas it was intact.
Arrowhead: Long arm of the incus is partially defective and lenticular process of the incus is absent. Short arrow: Head of the stapes is absentClick here to viewA cartilage graft taken from tragal cartilage was placed on the FC dehiscence.

The exact conditions were encountered in the right ear as had been seen in the right ear; therefore, the exact surgical procedure was used.
However, we thought prior to surgery that congenital stapes fixation or congenital cholesteatoma.CCHL may be attributed to ossicular malformation, especially in the stapes.
For example, congenital stapes fixation is one of the most frequent causes of CCHL due to ossicular dysfunction. Because its clinical and audiometric features (CHL with a normal-appearing tympanic membrane, type As on tympanometry and no reflex on stapedial stimulation).
In addition, FC course anomalies also can lead to CCHL.FC course anomalies can appear in the different forms.
Concomitant anomalies of the stapes were seen and several patients had dysmorphic syndromes with CHL since early childhood. We believe that this situation caused the compression of the long arm of the incus lying on the channel, which led to the ischemic necrosis and secondary bone development.

This led to bone defects over both the FC and the incudostapedial joint and consequently, hearing loss. To avoid contact between the FC dehiscence and the incus, we placed a cartilage graft during the operation.External ear abnormalities often accompany this sort of middle and inner ear pathology, and hearing loss often occurs in the neonatal period or early childhood. Occasionally, as in our case, children with completely normal-looking ears experience bilateral hearing loss in later childhood because of middle ear pathology. This is a clinical rarity, but otologists should keep this in mind and exercise caution during the exploration.

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