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As it was already mentioned, there are two types of inner ear infection, meaning acute and chronic.
If the infection is recent and you are in a lot of pain, applying a warm compress over the affected area can help with the symptoms. The home remedies are recommended as symptomatic treatment but they cannot cure the infection. Most people decided to visit the doctor as the inner ear infection is causing a lot of pain.
Chronic infections are often the result of acute infections that have been poorly treated or not treated at all. The infection of the inner ear with a virus can appear as part of a viral illness affecting the entire body, such is the case of childhood infectious diseases (measles) or mononucleosis.
In case of the acute inner ear infection, this condition might last somewhere around two weeks, extending to a month if the symptoms are not severe.
The salt will draw the liquid from the ear, reducing the inflammation and relieving the pain. Garlic has anti-bacterial properties and it can help with the symptoms of bacterial infections.
Depending on how far the infection is located, the doctor might decide to use an ear scope to observe the modifications. These are the ones that are most difficult to treat and also the ones that can cause permanent damage. This type of infection is the result of a middle ear infection that has been poorly treated and now has become chronic. In many situations, the infection is located just in the inner ear, affecting either the labyrinth or the nerves in the area (such as the vestibule-cochlear nerve).

The condition can turn into a chronic infection, if the symptoms are ignored and the proper treatment is administered. There are a lot of people who have the tendency to treat the inner ear infection with antibiotics, without visiting a doctor first.
Another type of bacterial infection of the inner ear is suppurative labyrinthitis, a condition which is less encountered than the previously mentioned one.
Viral infections of the inner ear can range from mild to severe, including viral neuritis and viral labyrinthitis. Chronic infections of the inner ear can last for several years, leading in time to damage and hearing loss. It is important for the treatment not to be delayed; otherwise, the infection can become worse, leading to hearing loss. While it is true that the infection can be caused by bacteria, one must remember that viral infections are also possible. In this case, the bacteria can come from an infection of the middle ear or as result of bacterial meningitis. The viruses most commonly incriminated in the appearance of inner ear infections are: herpetic viruses, influenza virus or Epstein-Barr. The administration of the wrong antibiotic in case of a bacterial infection can also cause the bacteria to become stronger.

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