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When lower respiratory tract gets infected, it sends the alarm bells ringing, more  so in the case of children. Since the body area that needs utmost attention is the chest, one should  try to keep it warm. The research shows that the probability of an attack can go down by 50%, if mackerels are eaten every day. It has been found by the researchers that drinking 3 glasses of orange juice everyday can bring down wheezing to 70%. Steam will humidify your respiratory passages, easing your breathing, that will help in looking after the wheezing.
Drinking hot soups is a very welcome drink for asthma wheezing, specially in winters.  It will hydrate the body, drink as many cups as you can. Honey inhalation can be done by putting some honey in the boiling water and inhaling the honey-laden vapors.
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Omega-3 fatty acids enhance the ability  of the lungs to deal with irritants and hence, it has been seen that the effect is very encouraging. The reason for orange juice benefit is,  because the lining of the respiratory tract needs good amounts of vitamin C.
Pick some aromatic ointment and apply it on the sole of the feet, just before going to sleep. Once they are eaten, the fluids of the body get very active in no time, whether they are the fluids of mouth or throat or of the lungs.
You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. If you are sensitive to sulfite, then the curd will be even more beneficial for asthma in your case. One can include some other food items rich in vitamin C, such as papaya and green chili and lime.
For making tea with licorice take an inch long licorice root, crush it and put it in two cups of water.

At this juncture, we want to look for  remedies, because they  become essential part of treatment.
Let it steep for 5 minutes, boil it for 10 minutes, all the goodness of licorice will come into water, your tea is ready after straining. Same way, ginger tea can be made, use one tsp of grated ginger to make two cups of tea. After the application on the back and chest, cover with a cloth so as to avoid exposing to the air. After all the breathlessness and dry irritating cough does not seem to allow  the patient sleep at night.There is a lot that one can do to mange the  wheezing with home remedies. If the room is big, you will have to take more water and more peppermint oil. For best results make a temporary tent with a sheet to  inhale the vapors.

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