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Industrial Deafness takes the form of a slowly progressive hearing loss affecting mainly the higher frequencies.
You may hear everything as loud as you did before but there is a progressive loss of clarity. It is generally accepted that employers should have known of the dangers of exposing employees to excessive noise by 1963 and any exposure following this period will be considered negligent. We represent some of the best deafness solicitors in the UK, they specialise in claiming compensation for Industrial Deafness.
If you have been diagnosed within the last 3 years you will be able to make an industrial deafness claim. Workers at risk from developing industrial deafness and tinnitus are usually those in heavy industry, such as metal work, drilling and quarrying, stone cutting, or the use of noisy machinery, as in textiles, printing, wood cutting, transportation and agriculture.
Your employers should provide you with hearing protection if noise level at work is in excess of 80 dB, such as ear defenders or ear plugs. If the noise level at your work is in excess of 85 dB, your employer must enforce the use of hearing protection, as well as marking out the areas where the level of noise is dangerously high. Our service is completely free from start to finish and you will receive 100% of the compensation awarded. There's no doubt we all love to hear live concerts of our favorite band or get those songs in our cell phone play list and hear them on full volume. Before explaining what damage the loud music does you need to understand the mechanism of hearing.

Vibration caused by loud music is so violent that it damages the hair and causes bending or breaking of the hair.
In the second case, when you are exposed to loud music or sound, nerve cells which are attached to the roots of hair get overstimulated and they keep sending signals to the brain even after the loud music is over. As loud music is one of the most common ringing in the ears causes, the best way to avoid it is to avoid loud music.
The damage caused to the ear may totally depend upon the time duration for which you are exposed to the noise.
Exposure to noise in the work place is one of the most common and potentially damaging hazards faced by workers in industry.
They are all Law Society and APIL registered and have recovered millions of pounds in compensation for deafness claims . The success of the claim may depend on whether the company where the exposure to loud noise occurred still exists. They also have a duty to inform you that your hearing may be damaged by the exposure to excessive noise. Though ringing in ears after loud music is common, prolonged exposure to loud music can cause permanent damage to the ears. But do you know that listening to songs at a very loud volume can one day deprive you from the sense of listening altogether? But if you simply cannot, then the following simple remedies will help you to enjoy the event as well as save your ears from the harmful effects of the loud music.

If you are expose to 110 dB or more sound daily for more than 30 minutes then you are definitely in the danger zone. If you are not sure, don't worry; it could be that the company was taken over, or that the insurers of the company still exist. These small hair are attached to the nerve cells from the roots, hence when these hair vibrate the never cells take the vibration and send them to the brain through nerve impulses which are then interpreted as hearing. If the person sitting next to you can also hear whatever you are listening to, then this means your volume is too high for your ears and can cause harm to them. Observing a ringing sound in your ears which is also known as tinnitus, after coming back from any concert or after hearing loud noise is a very common condition experienced by almost all people, but this can be really very dangerous for the ears.
Many people wonder how loud is too loud for the ears, so the answer is anything louder than 110 dB can damage your ears. But in case the hair breaks, the ear may get damaged and further exposure may cause permanent hearing loss.
People usually ignore this condition as it lasts for only 1 hour to 1 day but this carelessness may some day cause permanent ringing in ears which can be very annoying and may even cause deafness.

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