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This report has caused a lot of concern, understandably and in New York City, Mayor Bloomberg has decided to heavily invest in the sound of the future.
If it’s a numbers game, it’s important to look at just what The New York Health Department considers important- funding hearing loss problems later on, or addressing them now.
It’s not just teens who are at risk from hearing loss, the baby boomer generation is suffering too.
Bloomberg is serious about changing this and is instigating  The Hearing Loss Prevention Media Campaign. Randy Judson, AuD, clinical director of audiology services at the New York Ear and Eye Infirmary said that there are three types of hearing loss. Sources of noise that can cause noise induced hearing loss include motorcycles and small firearms, all emitting sounds from 120 to 150 decibels.
On top of this, length of time is also an issue, as repeated exposure to sounds above 85 decibels can also cause hearing loss. We’ve already noted the safe decibel range is below 85 decibels, but what happens when you go over that? Val Kolton, CEO of V-MODA, a brand known for high quality headphones is hyper-aware of this issue. Kolton would wear ear plugs whilst DJing, and this lead to him creating the V-MODA Faders, a $20 pair of earplugs that can be worn under large headphones. Its not enough just to have earplugs, realistically, you need to look at the earphones as well.
Varying decibel issues means that consumer will turn up the volume to hear ‘higher trebles or more bass’, something which wouldn’t be an issue if each headphone showed the  same decibel range. So, it looks like if you opt for V-MODA, at least you know you’re going to be getting the exact sound they promise.
Griffin is a brand that aims to be safety conscious, and has designed a line of headphones specifically protect younger ears. I was concerned about my own hearing after researching this story, though I’m more sensible now, I’ve never worn earplugs at music concerts, and I’ve been known to hug a speaker or two to ‘feel the bass’ reverberate through my body. In Manhattan, The Center for Hearing and Communication is currently offering free hearing screenings as part of an initiative to make people more aware of  their hearing health.

The audiologist took me into a small soundproof room, a white box like structure and peered into my ear with a small light. It pays to take preventative measures now if you want to preserve your hearing in the long run, and it would be great if we could have more confidence in the people who are creating headphones as well. Not sure what the point is- any noise which we can control (musice) should simply stay under 80db. The audiologist will plot your responses on the audiogram using the symbols a€?Oa€? and a€?Xa€?. Conductive hearing loss is caused by any condition or disease that blocks or impedes the transmission of sound through the middle ear or down the ear canal. Sensorineural hearing loss results from dysfunction in the inner ear or on the auditory nerve. He has committed to spending $250,000 to deter teenagers from playing their music at a high volume, a cause which isn’t thrilling everyone. This is intended to target a youth demographic and utilize social media in a bid to save their hearing. Looking on the decibel scale, an increase of 10 means that a sound is 10 times more intense, or powerful. A trained DJ before he got into the headphone manufacturing business, Kolton remembered reading the decibel in his DJ booth.
Kolton wouldn’t name shame other brands, but said that his research and testing showed only a few others were consistently accurate.
Nowadays, when I’m editing video or in a noisy room I sometimes have trouble understanding people – could I be one of these statistics? After being criticized for using cotton ear buds (guilty) she placed headphones on my ears and left the room. The result is a reduction in the sound intensity (loudness) that reaches the cochlea (inner ear). Hearing aids can be beneficial for individuals with a mixed hearing loss, but caution should be exercised. The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) reported that one in five teenagers have some type of hearing loss.

Think about it- the city has 50,000 people sleeping in homeless shelters every night,  and is highly underfunded, and this money is being used to treat teens who like rap music?
One of the main targets of this initiative is headphones but earbuds (in-ear headphones) specifically.
This level was chosen because it is the maximum level recommended by many auditory health organizations in the US and worldwide,” a spokesperson told me. In many cases, the cause of conductive hearing loss is treatable and can result in partial or complete improvement in hearing. Researchers have been monitoring adolescents hearing since 1988, and spotted a 31% increase in problems. Hearing loss increased more than 30% between 1988 and 2006, according to data from the Third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey.
The humming of a refrigerator is 45 decibels, normal conversation is approximately 60 decibels, and the noise from heavy city traffic can reach 85 decibels. The costs are high to make them, but we are trying to get it out there as a non-profit division to help the world.” The Faders Earplugs are specifically designed to lower audio nose whilst preserving clarity, and they reduce noise 12db across the spectrum. In addition to the reduced intensity (loudness) of sound, the clarity of speech is also affected. Exposure to loud sound can cause hearing problems – both hearing loss and tinnitus.” The cost of the campaign now may actually save NYC money in the long run.
Bloomberg clearly believes it’s the use of headphones that have become so eponymous with everyday life but is that fair? The ear is supposed to pick up 25 decibels in each bracket to constitute as ‘normal’ hearing, and I passed on all levels, minus an aberration at 600Hz in my right ear.

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