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Hearing loss is a very serious issue that often occurs after the ear has been subject to loud noises or damaged over a period of time. This type of hearing loss is often referred to as Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss (SSHL). We believe that everyone over the age of 55 should be able to benefit from a good overall health and wellness regime; so we’ve put together our top tips and information that you should know to keep fit and healthy! Our Wellness Programme is especially for those of us that like to stay healthy and, with more of the nation living longer, we wanted to give our tips for those who are 55 and beyond. The Wellness Programme provides the information that over 55s may find useful for their general health. Could those who wear hearing aids have a more positive quality of life compared to those who don’t wear hearing aids? Hearing loss can be extremely frustrating and it can place a great strain on the life of the person who is suffering from hearing loss as well as those people who have regular contact with them.
Sensorineural hearing loss can result in a low frequency hearing loss and this means that it is a hearing loss which is caused by the inner ear hair cells being damaged. While there are a number of different elements that can cause low frequency hearing loss to occur, research undertaken at the Kresge Hearing Research Institute indicates that there is a mutation in the Wolfram Syndrome gene which causes this low frequency hearing loss.
While research and findings have indicated that lower frequency hearing loss occurs less than high frequency hearing loss, it is important to understand these figures.
One way in which low frequency hearing loss may come to the fore is with someone having difficulty hearing conversation or picking out parts of conversation when meeting in a group or being in a noisy environment. When it comes to treating low frequency hearing loss, there are a number of ways that hearing devices and hearing aids can provide benefit to the user.
While many people may find that low frequency hearing loss is not as damaging or will not have as much impact on people as high frequency hearing loss, there is still a problem for the person.
One of the worst parts of hearing loss is the sudden impact it can have once it starts to develop. It is a very serious issue because if not taken care of, it could result in permanent hearing loss. Often times many people believe their ear is just clogged with wax but it can be so much more.

There is research to suggest that hearing loss is consistently linked to physical, mental and emotional health conditions. The information included an overview of stroke, dementia and heart conditions as well as their associations to hearing loss. Studies show that older people who have a degree of untreated hearing loss suffer negative effects in comparison to those who do get treatment. There are many different forms of hearing loss which can effect different areas of our hearing range and this means that it is extremely important to find out what sort of hearing loss a person is suffering from.
The role of these hair cells is to make sure that sound travels from the outer ear all the way through to the brain with the hair cells ensuring the sound is passed along.
This is due to the fact that people will still be able to hear sounds that occur in the higher end of frequencies which is the opposite of conventional hearing loss.
Again, this may be difficult for many people at certain times but if someone finds that this is occurring on a regular basis, there is a good chance that they will be suffering from this form of hearing loss.
Modern hearing aids, which have multi-channel capabilities, are able to provide considerable support to people that are suffering from this type of hearing loss. This is why it is important to know that medical support and professional assistance is available for all sufferers of this hearing loss condition. Often times people believe that they will get over their hearing loss after a short bit of time. The sudden hearing loss will usually only occur in one ear but needs to be checked out regardless. A loss in the low frequencies is very different from to a loss in the high frequency hearing loss and the impact on a person's life will be extremely different.
This means that any damage to the hair cells can seriously impact on the ability of the person to hear. This means that people suffering from low frequency hair loss are still able to take part in conversations and they tend to hear human speech to a better level. However, there are also other forms of this style of hearing loss which can be caused by Meniere's disease, Mondini dysplasia and sudden hearing loss.
There are no real symptoms to this form of hearing loss so there will be many people who are unlikely to realise that they have this problem.

Modern hearing aid devices provide an effective and workable solution for many people suffering from this form of hearing loss. Being aware of the small signs of sudden hearing loss is necessary in preventing it from becoming much worse. This is why not all hearing losses are the same and why they are not always treated the same.
Anyone that is suffering from low frequency hearing loss will generally not be able to hear sounds that have a frequency of 2,000 Hz or below.
This means that many people suffering from this form of hearing loss will often find that they are able to muddle through without too many problems, but they may still miss out on many things in life. People who still have the middle and higher end frequency hearing capabilities will be able to mask their deficiencies much easier.
There is still a chance that if brought into a doctor within the first day or two of discovering your hearing loss that it can still be saved.
Many doctors believe it can be attributed to insuf?cient blood circulation in the inner ear.
This is why it is important to have your hearing analysed and reviewed, even if you can take part in everyday conversations. This means that they may not know they have an issue and they could be in a strong position to carry on life without too much imposition or loss. It usually occurs in those between 40-60 years old but it is starting to grow in those in their 30s. This means that the stated figures for the number of people suffering from low frequency hearing loss should be treated with more caution than other forms of hearing loss.

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