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Hang about diamonds and non-diamond issues that are not exactly related to diamond education and consumer’ assistance. Hi Circe-I actually saw your post with your star-shaped studs in your 2nd and 3rd piercings awhile back and loved them! Hi,I have four piercings in my left (three in my lobe and one up high on my cartilage - called a Helix piercing) and two in my right lobe. The question I'm really interested in though is, what do you wear in your second (or third, etc) ear piercings?
I got my second set of ear piercings in high school, and back then I used to wear sterling silver studs in my ears.
Sometimes I would wear hoops in the first piercings and studs in the second ones, or what I usually wore was gemstone studs in the first ones and tiny sterling silver ball studs in the second ones.

As time has progressed, I find myself leaning more towards wearing yellow gold, white gold, and platinum. I'll have to check my local jeweler soon and see if they have something similar to what I'm looking for or might be able to order me something. Does anyone know where to find size 2-3mm ball studs in 18kt white gold, platinum or palladium?
I actually tried looking for stainless steel studs to wear in my 2nd piercings but couldn't find any. I've found one seller on Etsy who sells 3mm 18kt white gold studs, but for some reason, it's hard to find anything smaller. I think I may still have my old sterling silver ones, but if I don't, I might just buy some new ones while looking for white gold or platinum ones.

I don't have anything against sterling silver, but if I wear it too often, sometimes it'll irritate my ears.
I don't have anything against sterling silver, but if I wear it too often, sometimes it'll irritate my ears.You can check body piercing websites or shops.

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