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Prong settings are the most popular diamond setting for engagement rings and diamond earrings. Four prong settings are the classic, popular choice of diamond settings for round and princess-cut stones. Another classic diamond setting for engagement rings, bezel settings can be used on their own in diamond studs or combined with other design elements to create diamond stud earrings with real impact. These interesting Triple Braid diamond earrings combine the simple bezel setting with a delicate braid detail.
These cute earrings use the pavé setting to create a sparkly look without being too expensive. We cordially invite our Houston area clients to visit our beautiful boutique style showroom for a very special experience. The next alternative of 1 carat diamond stud earrings is the unique stars shaped stud earrings.
This entry was posted on Sunday, November 11th, 2012 at 11:37 pmand is filed under Diamond, Earrings. Wearing the diamond earring studs can make your appearance fresher even in casual fashion style. One of the most popular selections women make in the accessory department is diamond earring studs. Diamond earring studs are simple yet elegant earrings including one single diamond, in round or square shape. Diamonds are precious metals and when buying diamond earring studs, we should know the information so that it can be bought in a best way with good quality. You can wear a pair of diamond studs with a ball gown to a black tie affair, or rely on them as your go-to daily earrings.
However, there are more options available for diamond studs, so you can be creative even if you opt for this classic choice. It’s called the martini setting because of the way the prongs form an elegant shape like a martini glass.
The prongs form a dramatic look as well as holding the diamond securely, and giving small stones a bigger impact. A bezel setting is one of the most protective diamond settings, and it adds a sleek, modern look to any piece of diamond jewelry.

In white gold, this diamond setting reflects the sparkle of the diamond, creating the impression of a larger stone. The three stones add a bit more impact than a single stone, without overwhelming your outfit or other jewelry. This is a very long lasting design, that all people loves and never get bored with this design. You may want look at that, the yellow diamond attached on the stud earring looks so cute and bright.This cute and bright yellow 1 carrat diamond stud earrings are very popular nowadays.
This may look so wide or big, but the one we need to look here is the diamond on the center. That’s why most diamond studs are worn by teenagers, adult women and elders to keep them stylish and fresh. Timeless beauty, versatility, durability and uniqueness in design are some of the attributes of diamond studs and it provides a perfect compliment to any wardrobe item. One of the advantages of wearing diamond studs is that these earrings go with any and every outfit. Diamond is mostly evaluated using the 4cs and the 4cs of the quality are cut, clarity, color and carat.
The shine of flower patterned jewelry are always stunning too, no matter how small the diamond is. As today’s trend is the colorful diamonds, the yellow earrings here can be one of the must have item to follow the trend. Usually, the yellow gold is used to make the stud body including the pin which would be inserted into your ears.
You can wear them everyday at work on your formal work clothes, or in the evening with your party wear.
Designs range from small loops and studs to large plates and dangling items and in India, nearly all the girls and some boys get their ears pierced in a religious ceremony before they are about five years old and similar customs are practiced in other Southeast Asian countries. But if you are choosing a pair of diamond stud earrings, whether for yourself or as a gift, you have to choose a diamond setting that will suit your style and preferences.
In the Western country, diamond earring studs are more popular with white gold as its main material than the yellow gold. The first diamond studs involve round shaped diamond to be a gorgeous ornament of the stud.

These gems are the perfect gift for any woman in your life whether she is a friend, family member, or significant other.
And the most important factor when buying diamond earring studs is to look at the way the diamond is cut, its proportion and symmetry.
Although these earrings are the ultimate in simplicity, there are many diamond settings available that can completely change the look of the earring!
If yesterday the design might look so big and crowded to be placed in the ear, you may want to look at the simpler design.
The diamond is definitely small on the stud, but it is still able to attract much attention from people who see it. In a picture, we can see a pair of diamond studs which have four prongs made of yellow gold.
They reflect an image of glamour and femininity that has been received with gratitude for generations. Previous design might be appropriate for the cocktail or party night, but here the small 1 carat diamond stud earrings could be appropriate for daily activity. In general, the studs only consist of small diamond stone as embellishment and white gold dominating the pins. Also, for all their glittering appeal and style, a pair of diamond earring studs should be part of everyone’s fashion. These earrings are also available in inexpensive versions and hence, can be used as gifts for your girlfriend or wife. Earrings made with badly cut stones will have neither brilliance nor the high market value. However, there are several things one needs to consider before buying stud earrings in diamonds. When you saw someone was wearing round shaped diamond studs, the studs actually aren’t always completely in round shape. This cut style allows the diamond is designed in cone shape with sharp part on the bottom and round shape on the top.

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