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Key diamond producer Zimbabwe has said it will more than double its exports of the precious gems in 2013.
Diamond sources are a key source of revenue for Zimbabwe, netting revenue of $684.5 million last year. Masimirembwa believes doubling of exports is a readily achievable goal, claiming sales last year were hampered by the United States' efforts to shut Zimbabwe out of the international diamond market by threatening purchasers. Zimbabwe's diamond industry has been fraught with controversy both domestically and internationally due to accusations of human rights abuses and corruption. Finance minister Tendai Biti has accused diamond miners of failure to pay tax revenues in full to the authorities, claiming only $40 million out of an expected $600 million reached government coffers last year. Diamonds, of course, are well known today as a traditional part of wedding and engagement rings.

IF YOU LIKED THIS POST ABOUT THE FOLKLORE & OCCULT QUALITIES ASSOCIATED WITH DIAMONDS, CLICK HERE TO SEE MY FANTASY NOVELS IN WHICH ALL THE MAGIC AND SUPERNATURAL EVENTS ARE BASED ON AUTHENTIC MEDIEVAL-RENAISSANCE OCCULT BELIEFS AND PRACTICES. This entry was posted in Days and Seasons, Magic and Occult and tagged April birthstone, diamond by admin. The US threatened purchasers of Zimbabwe diamonds which resulted in low diamond sales in countries like India that normally buy from us," said Masimirembwa. Because of the clarity of a fine diamond it seemed likely that the stone could filter out the impurities in a sick person and save them. The Roman’s believed that when one wore a diamond they were unable to be conquered by their enemies- a story that surely brought much hope and courage to soldiers or politicians able to afford the costly stone. In the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, every ring set with a precious stone was more an amulet that bestowed magical powers upon its wearer, rather than a piece of jewelry.

For the same reason it was long believed that anyone wearing a diamond could never be poisoned. People often slept with diamonds in the hopes of waking up well, which led to a vast illegal trade of false gems.

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