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If you are on the fence about buying even remove some of those big earrings not the feeling you get when you open this little box with a beautiful new addition to your jewelry box.A You can actually use your new earrings with almost nothing. We're sorry, it looks like you're using a browser that doesn’t fully support Zoara's website graphics. I was really hoping to find some nice diamond studs for less than $200, but there's little chance of finding that anywhere without sacrificing clarity and color. You could dress up that little black dress with these earrings, pink, or maybe you want to go all pink.A Pink diamond earrings also have a good explanation for breast cancer awareness.

The pair comes complete with comfortable and secure friction backing.Looking for a different gemstone or size?
I arranged the stud search by price, lowest to highest, and zeroed in on this pair of studs. The dress is a bit edgy, and I wanted a pair of subtle but contemporary studs to go with it for my company christmass party. Shockingly, I think this is the most use I've seen her get out of any of the gifts I've ever bought her!

Yes, they're $50 more than my intended budget, but the SI2 clarity and the I color were the perfect blend of great price along with a great look. A colorless diamond for a ? carat tw set of earrings is kinda silly to me, because nobody will notice a difference between I and D with these anyway.

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