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22 carat gold layered gold balls necklace with beautiful pendant adorned with rubies, swarovski stones, emerald and pearl drop by Naj Jewellery. 22 carat gold antique finish peacock necklace featuring mango pendant studded with rubies and two line gundla haram featuring Goddess Lakshmi pendant studded with rubies and emeralds. 22 carat gold three line gundla mala with beautiful pachi pendant studded with uncut diamonds, emerald and ruby with south sea pearls hanging at its bottom.

22 carat gold four lines gundla mala featuring antique nakshi pendant adorned with rubies, cz stones and rudraksh balls. 22 carat gold Meenakari work beautiful pacchi necklace studded with uncut diamonds, diamonds, rubies and south sea pearl drops from Vasundhara Jewellers.

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