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Prince William Taking Catherine Duchess of Cambridge for a Romantic Helicopter Ride on Valentine’s Day? These forms as solidified from molten rock; erodes and is deposited as sediments, which comes from volcanoes as lava. Igneous or Sedimentary rocks that have been changed by heat and pressure within the earth, forms a new rock with new minerals. Which gemstones are still at the first location (At the place of original formation) is called primary deposits. In secondary deposits, the gemstones have been transported from the place of their formation and deposited somewhere else.
Distribution of gemstones over the earth is irregular and some regions are more favored than others.

When you proceed to the checkout page, the Seller Discount will be automatically calculated. Gem quality minerals in these rocks are easily lie on eartha€™s surface, or lie buried deep on it. These are settling down and harden into rock and lay down in layers.These may be shown in decorative stones. Pearls are formed around foreign bodies that have made their way inside the shells of shellfish. More unusual geological conditions are necessary for formation of diamonds and emeralds and therefore they are rarer. South and South East Asia, The Urals, South Africa, Brazil, Australia and the mountainous zones of the USA are the main regions which were the gemstones are found.
Other rocks; separated from their mother rock (is called host rock) by erosion, are carried to lakes or to the sea, by rivers.

The crystals are usually well preserved but yield of the deposit is not very large and many tons of non-gem bearing rocks are mixed with the gemstones.
According to the way the gemstones have been transported, or according to the place of deposit, they can named as fluvial (river), Marine (in the sea), littoral (Coastal), or Aeolian (by the wind) deposits. When these rocks cool and solidifies very slowly the larger crystals are formed and therefore the gemstones are formed within that rock. Between the primary and secondary deposits there are places where weathering or decomposition takes place.
The gemstones are often found at the foot of high mountains, and have collected in such places as part of the weathered debris, because the specifically lighter host rock was carried away by rain and wind, the heavier gemstones were left.

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