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Monthly advice on how to make your home eco-friendly, including energy and water saving tips, healthy home products, green remodeling, and more, plus special offer. Be the first to know about This Old House contests, sweepstakes, and events and receive special offers and promotions from your favorite home improvement brands. Studs never seem to be where you want them when putting up an oversize mirror or installing a wall-mount cabinet. Creating your own hang tags with  Instagram photo prints is a great way to personalise your gifts as well as display and share some of your coolest pics with your friends and family. To make these hang tags you will need Instagram photo prints, a tag craft puncher, a hole puncher scissors and some ribbon. If you wish to keep the pallet swings outdoor than make sure that it is under a shade so that you can sit there even if there is sunlight outside.
And your usual hangers, like nail-in picture hooks or large-thread drywall anchors, tend to rip out under loads greater than 25 pounds. Then using the hole puncher make holes for the ribbon (you can use a piece of string too if you prefer). Not forever classic that’s ugly, sometimes more interesting classical and share memories in the period then. Pallet swing is combination of bed and sofa which is hanging with the pallet slabs and would look awesome in the porch. Do not put too much weight on the swing because it is not guaranteed by the chains attached to the pallets that they would support a heavy weight or not.

If he is an artist, framing some of his drawings or paintings and organize them in a grouping on the wall.
Use a cloth to trivets, both with fusible adhesive commonly used for appliques or fabric glue. If the wall hanging is wide enough to span two studs, you can support it with a French cleat, even if it's off-center. If you wish to make the swing bigger you can keep pillows on it for the adults to relax on it. Pallet swings are inexpensive to make and they are preferable by the adults the most because after a long tiring day they would want to relax on something which is very cozy and calming. Run a length of ¾-inch plywood through a table saw with the blade at 45 degrees, creating a beveled lip on one edge.
The swings can be placed either outdoor or indoor, but make sure the pallets are pest free if you wish to place it inside.
The canvas below displays cut paper towel tube sections that have been flattened and arranged to create an organic yet geometric motif.
It is because you will be able to enjoy the weather as well the swing always makes a person’s mood better.
In the wall art below, the wrappers become petals and the thumbtacks become the center of each flower. The results are shown on a window panel below, but we think the effect would be equally stunning on a canvas. White on white looks ultra modern, but experimenting with colorful shades of paint could be just as striking.
The temporary Paris apartment below needed an affordable wall art solution, and the answer was DIY potato prints! The creator of this project took special care to give the borders of each canvas an aged effect, which plays up the vintage quality of the artwork. In the DIY chevron art project below, a stencil and some metallic paint provide geometry and shine.

We can envision this art hanging in a child’s room, especially if old toys are used in the process! By covering the canvas below in crisscrossing strips of painter’s tape, then painting over the surface with bold acrylic paint and peeling away the tape, the creator of this project formed a series of modern overlapping triangles. To create your own modern painted wood wall art, purchase an assortment of thin wooden pieces, as well MDF board, paint and liquid nails. Make sure you have access to a table saw, then get the full scoop on this piece at Salvage Love.DIY painted (colorful) wood wall artCheck your gift wrap drawer for tissue paper in vibrant colors. With the help of mod podge and white acrylic paint, whimsical wall art with a circular motif can be yours! [full tutorial at Mr.
Handsomeface]DIY tissue paper wall artLet’s hear it for the vintage look of typography! The embroidery hoop wall art below utilizes white fabric, a pack of scrapbook letters and black acrylic paint. [from Better Homes and Gardens]DIY embroidery hoop wall artPick up a few paint samples during your next trip to the home improvement store.
Actually, you may need more than a few… In this next DIY wall art idea, pushpins help create a textured piece that showcases an array of colors.
We love how the paint chips curl away from the wall, adding movement to the art. [from Abbey Goes Design Scouting via Apartment Therapy]Paint chip wall artFor added interest, try cutting the paint sample strips and using them to form a series of intersecting circles. This project takes patience, but it’s well worth the effort, as you can see below. [from Two Girls Being Crafty]DIY paint chip wall artIf you enjoy collecting vintage plates, this next idea is for you! Note how the blurred edges on the designs below blend nicely with the ikat pillow patterns. [full tutorial at Canadian House & Home]Porcelain plate DIY wall artWe end with a large-scale wall art installation involving a postcard collection! Build on one of the DIY projects above by adding a supply, changing a color or expanding the scope of the original plan.

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