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As much as I honestly love jewelry of all types, the one thing you’ll most likely never find me wearing is a single strand of pearls. Start in the center of the necklace and attach 1-2 safety pins between each pearl, working outwards. Go back and connect the rest of the vertical pins, grouping 4-5 at a time with a horizontal one.
I agree about the single strand of pearls being a bit too buttoned up and traditional…but this is nothing but! I think that a pearl necklace can be worn successfully in the right outfit…but it can be hard to pull off. Okay, so I AM the type of person that wears a classic strand of pearls (what can I say, I am a total pearl lover!) however, this necklace is so adorable!!
Love how this is a changeable design- just pearls (classic) or pearls and safety pins (edgy)!

I love this DIY ribbon and pearl woven bracelet for its classic girly look and of course, how easy it do!
Thread your stretch cord through your needle, ( you may need a needle with a larger loop hole depending on the size of your stretch cord.)  Then sew through a fold of ribbon. Tie the ends of the cord ends together into a secure knot and tie the ribbon into a pretty bow. You can also make this pearl &  ribbon woven bracelet with many different  variations such as weaving through extra folds or uneven widths of ribbon for a more creative fun look.
They’ll want to drop but if you thread a few of the safety pins horizontally, along the top, it will keep the safety pins from dropping. I used a little less pins, since i didn’t have that many and locked the big pins together with the smaller ones. This was actually my Sunday afternoon project, but it took me a couple days to compile the pictures.

It works well as a stand alone bracelet or even stacked with some other bracelets for an arm party. However add a bit of metal in the form of gold safety pins, a la Tom Binns, and I’m all over it! I was able to pin some through the string but there isn’t even slack to do this for each one. It’s a very elegant piece, and I think it would look worn at a more formal event such a wedding! This necklace is so easy to make and is the perfect way to temporarily (or permanently) funk up those pearls that are starting to collect dust in your jewelry box.

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