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You will know if you have selected the right kind of music when studying takes center stage and the music fades into the background.
I’ve got a pair of headphones on, listening to an electronic, 8-bit inspired soundtrack to the indie game, Dustforce. According to a CNN report last year, a study by Daniel Levitin at McGill University showed that those who listened to music before a surgery had less anxiety than those who took anti-anxiety pills. There’s less stress for the individuals who listened to music because music, at its core, is pleasurable, and releases dopamine.
Listening to lyrical music while reading or writing can hinder your ability to do so because the side of your brain that is in charge of these processes are overloaded by the words of the artist. I read the article with the music and I was only distracted b.c I want to add it to my study playlists. From a session in my psychology class I understand that our brains are only able to focus on one thing at a time, and pretty much anything else is a distraction. For me the music serves as a distraction that causes me to consciously give more of an effort to focus on what im reading or studying. I like listening to music because it helps block out the random noises around me and helps me focus on my homework and studying. It helps the most when i listen to christian music rather than country, or pop or whatever. I recommend listening to christian music when you study such as casting crowns or building 429 or mandisa or for king and country. For me personally, I have no problem studying while listening to music but I only do it for subjects like maths and Add maths, studying subjects like history or chemistry where memorization is important, i prefer to just listen to classical music so it doesn’t distract me.
Sometimes working in the office can be a tedious process especially if there’s silence amongst co-workers. Did you know that music has the power to increase productivity in the workplace and could potentially act as a deterrent from people taking sickies? What you add to your work mixtape – make sure it’s music that makes you feel like doing things! Everybody has personal preferences when it comes to music that makes you feel productive but essentially, it’s best to choose songs that you’re familiar with rather than listening to songs that are new and fresh. Overall, everyone loves music and let’s face the simple truth – it’s a privilege in itself if you let your employees listen to some tunes while they work. But researchers have now found that music can do more for good you – it can make you smarter!! A university in France found that students who listened to a one-hour lecture where classical songs were being played in the background fared higher in a quiz as compared to a similar group who ?heard the lecture without no music.

Follow these tips the next time you open your books and it may bring you one step closer towards your academic success. Most students are similar, they’re jacked in with white plastic cables running from their ears to their iPhones or laptops during long commutes, or even longer late night study sessions.
USA Today reported that carefully tailoring your study music to what you’re doing can help students stay focused. Upon hearing words my brain automatically wants to analyze and interpret the meanings but with lyric-less music I don’t have to worry about that.
I listen to nightmares on wax while I study and the music I hear helps me focus on what I’m reading.
Personally I find that listening to either lyric-less or very calm indie tracks with whispery words are good to listen to while studying.
If music is randomly played than the study structure is recorded in my mind randomly, without relation to the overall structure of the concept.
There’s not enough coffee for you to stay awake nor is it easy for you to stay silent when all you want to do is tell someone what you got up to during the weekend. It’s because music is an incredible mood booster and can help people feel at ease when they’re listening to their favourite tunes.
According to A Medium Corporation, listening to your favourite type of music can lower tension levels in the workplace. Not only will this enrich their progress but they have something to look forward to when they go into work and this will in return make them even more productive.
Those who believe music is beneficial while studying will argue for the Mozart Effect, a belief that listening to classical arrangements helps us focus. The amount of research done at this point has proven it could go either way and it’s really up to the individual. If you liked the music in this post be sure to click on their links and if you felt distracted with the music, let us know in the comments. Sometimes I zone out and focus on my assignment I don’t even realize what music is playing. I figured it was my lackluster reading habits that make it hard for me to concentrate when there is any little distraction around me while reading. However I have found that I can also study and retain the information if I listen to songs that could be found on the Top 40 and other loud songs.
I can’t listen to anything while reading, as I get to caught up in the beats and with that come my thoughts… Nuce article though!! The psychology comment about people only being able to concentrate on one thing at a time is false.

It was shown that the rice grew faster when the music was played, which gave scientists the proof they needed to determine that plants have genes that allow them to hear.
When it comes to facing repetitive tasks especially where lots of paperwork is involved, it becomes a challenge to focus and stay concentrated on a specific task. Here are reasons why music can help get through the day and the potential benefits it could do to your workplace and as a self-working individual! Listening to music that you enjoy can help you become more productive when it comes to tackling repetitive tasks. But in terms of study music, what is it about classical that makes it better than the Top 40? Lately however, I’ve been listening to a lot of instrumental and electronic tracks that feature synthesizers. If it’s music I know than I start humming or singing and my mind gets clouded with those thoughts instead. Though, if I’m writing code for computer science or doing my math homework, music actually seems to boost my ability to solve problems. I can focus on my studying regardless of the music I put on, it’s just a bit easier to listen to calm music.
Like a cup of coffee, music is a people pleaser and will ensure that the productivity levels in the workplace are profound.
Obviously, you may need to hit the pause button when you’re learning something new but when it comes to working on tasks that seems like a chore to you – by all means, go listen to whatever music you like. I’ve also found film and video game sound tracks to be some of the best to write with. All these questions that pop up in your head send you in a cluttered state and before you know it, your productivity levels begin to dwindle. Even better, listening to music while doing groveling tasks can make you finish things at a much quicker speed and that’s an added bonus towards your productivity!
Music does increase your productivity if you choose a clever mix of songs that flow well and help you become motivated when it comes to doing certain tasks.
If you don’t feel like studying then your brain will automatically find something else to distract itself with almost subconciously.
Certainly, it can help you increase your focus and motivation so be careful how you curate your Spotify playlists!

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