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This condition is most commonly seen in barrel or deep-chested dogs such as Dobermans, Great Danes, Irish Setters, Irish Wolfhounds, German Shepherds, and Labrador Retrievers, but any large breed dog may be affected. If you suspect your dog may have this condition, emergency veterinary evaluation is recommended, where x-rays can be done to confirm the diagnosis, as well as blood work to assess for complications.
While quick recognition and immediate emergency care increase chances of survival, some dogs will die even during heroic treatment efforts, or in the post-operative period those first few critical days.
There are many preventative measures that animal guardians can take to hopefully lessen the likelihood of developing bloat.
When this occurs, the stomach can rapidly distend with gas, and sometimes acutely twist, cutting off blood supply to both the stomach and adjacent spleen.
Often two IV catheters are placed and rapid IV fluid and shock therapy is instituted, along with quick acting corticosteroids, IV antibiotics, and if necessary, antiarrhythmic drugs. Because of the increased risk in many of these large breeds, many veterinarians are performing the stomach tacking procedure at the time of routine spay or castration of young dogs.
In my opinion, feeding dogs more evolutionarily species-appropriate diets, especially low carb, higher protein diets, or preferably a proper balanced and homemade diet, can improve the overall health of most dogs. Circulatory and toxic shock can rapidly develop, leading to low blood pressure and potentially fatal bacterial infection spreading into the bloodstream. Occasionally the symptoms can occur at a lower chronic level, and go on for hours or even days, before progressing to the acute presentation. Some animals can die suddenly without any warning.

Excellent natural diets such as Wysong Epigen diet, EVO, and Nature’s Variety are acceptable alternatives.
I put a cast on "Moose's" hairline tibial fracture, dispensed him lots of good pain medications and kissed him on the head. A picture taken in the yard of the foster family, who tearfully hands him over to his new family. If this is not possible, many veterinarians will use a large gauge catheter passed right through the body wall into the stomach to relieve the pressure of the trapped gas until surgery can be performed to untwist the stomach and tack it to the body wall so that twisting will not recur. Limiting large breed dogs from drinking or eating too rapidly, as well as reducing exercise after consuming meals, are also important. I also find that excellent supplements that promote healthy digestion, such as NaturVet Digestive Enzymes and Probiotics, or adding Fast Balance or Be Well Dog to meals, offer animal guardians excellent choices to try and optimize stomach and intestinal function, and hopefully lessen the likelihood of this life-threatening emergency from occurring. As I closed the door to the exam room, I thought, "How in the world is this lovely woman going to get a 13 week old Bernese Mountain Dog puppy to "rest" for a month and a half?!?I've diagnosed plenty of orthopedic injuries in dogs from torn ligaments in knees to back problems from bulging discs to fractured bones. His still wagging his tail, eating, asking to go for rides, snuggling and overseeing my ICU when he comes to the hospital with me (see above). He was cowering on the floor of his cage and even though she didn't know where he'd go, she brought him to her home to await a northern foster home.
She had visited my home the week prior to for a home visit, part of the application process for Roger's Rescue.

Foster families are an integral part of this process as they end up intimately knowing their foster dogs' temperaments, emotional "baggage" and unique characteristics. They are best kept in an air conditioned home during the summer, with walks in the early morning and late evening, at the coolest times of the day. Click on the logos below to learn more.Look on your pet's food bag, which will give your a food "dose" in cups. More specifically, the larynx, which functions to control the opening of the airway loses it’s ability to open and close like it did before.
You can monitor your dog's activity level using "The Whistle Collar".Just like with humans, fat doesn't have to be forever. With the hot air trapped inside the dog, these older big guys become just as fragile as a bulldog.

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