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Garnets emit warm and loving energy which make them the perfect stone for your wife or husband’s jewelry gift. If garnets aren’t their stone of choice, or perhaps they prefer a different style, there are all kinds of ghau pendants to choose from. No one can dispute the huge popularity of charm bracelets, so they’ll make a perfect present for your sweetie. Top 10 Best Unique Gifts for GirlsGirls rock and any time is totally the time to indulge your favorite daughter, sister or niece. Your sweetheart will look absolutely boho-chic sporting this sassy sterling silver and Marcasite ring. If your special someone is a more down to earth kind of guy, it can be tough to find a necklace or pendant that he’d think was cool enough to wear. You will definitely win their adoration when you present them with this magnificent purple turquoise and sterling silver ring. Last Minute Gift Ideas for HimGuys love gadgets and all sorts of interesting stuff, so we've got an awesome list of gift options you can on short notice for birthdays and more.
Unique Gifts 2016: Top 10 Unusual PresentsIf you're feeling stymied, flummoxed or flustered in your search for the perfect present, our list of unique and unusual gifts will make any occasion special. You are the yin to his yang, and that’s the perfect reason this sterling silver pendant makes a perfect gift for him. Cheap Gift Ideas: Inexpensive GiftsIt's easy to find fun, inventive and thoughtful gifts for everyone on your list. Top 20 Best Women’s Gold WatchesNothing says elegance like a gold watch - delicate or bold, understated or over the top, women’s watches are a go to glam accessory. If you’re thinking about popping the question sometime soon, you can do it in spectacular fashion with this beautiful rose gold, morganite and diamond engagement ring. Top 10 Best Gift Ideas for HimIs it his birthday, your anniversary or another celebration worthy event? It doesn’t matter the occasion, pearls are always a perfect gift for your sweetheart. This wrap bracelet is a fashion accessory that your favorite guy, perhaps your husband or your son, can wear for all kinds of occasions. Top 10 Best Home Laser Hair Removal DevicesIf you're tired of shaving and waxing and you've got a little (or a lot of) hair in places that you'd rather not, we might have the solution.
When designing all of my Circles Of Inspiration charms, one of the things I keep at the front of my mind and my heart is the deeper meanings and energies of the colors I work with. Red is a stimulating and activating color that gets our energy moving and helps open us up to the full potential of life.
Orange is a vibrant and stimulating color that is closely related to courage, will power, stamina, and flair. Yellow is one of my favorite colors because it helps with creativity, intuition, and manifestation.
Green always reminds me of nature – and the spiritual meaning of green has a lot to do with nurturing, growth, and abundance. To see all of these powerful healing colors in action, click the image below to check out the full selection of Circles Of Inspiration charms! If you are not completely satisfied for any reason with your purchase or gift, you are welcome to return it for an exchange or refund within 60 days of the shipping date. If the item you ordered is not available to ship within 48 hours we will contact you with the estimated shipping time. That means you’re challenged with finding some very special presents for those closest to your heart. The beautiful and ornate sterling silver prayer box was handcrafted in Bali by master silversmiths.
A beautiful charm bracelet allows your lady to express herself uniquely and remember special occasions by adding charms as reminders. Marcasite first gained popularity in the 1800’s as a shimmery substitute for diamonds in lockets and brooches.
This is the perfect present for any woman or man who loves chunky rings and jewelry with Native American design style.
The beautiful teardrop pendant features a glittering array of nearly two carats worth of mixed blue topaz gemstones with another .15 carats of asymmetrical diamond striping and additional diamonds at the bail. The ancient Chinese symbol describes how opposite or contrary forces are actually complementary, interconnected, and interdependent in the natural world, and how they give rise to each other as they interrelate to one another.

We've sources a terrific list of great gift ideas and most are under $10, including free shipping.
But if your sweetheart fits that description, you might want to buy her this over the top gorgeous bracelet. Your special lady will cause a stir every time she enters the room wearing this subtly sexy timepiece.
This sparkly beauty features many of the year’s most popular ring trends including rose gold, alternative gemstone center stones, cushion cutting and halo styling.
This wonderful daddy-daughter necklace set is the perfect Valentine for your daughter who worships the ground on which you walk.
This gorgeous cross pendant can be worn close to his heart, further cementing your love and devotion as well as uplifting his spiritual side. That’s certainly not the case with this gorgeous and glittery crystal collar necklace. If you're on a limited budget, there are lots of nice, funny and fun things you'll be proud to present. This gorgeous, heirloom-inspired bracelet in sterling silver, features three full carats of small prong-set, conflict-free diamonds. For supermodel curls, tamed frizzies and extra body, a solution to your hair woes could be the 2” big barrel curling iron. It’s an especially great design for younger men who like to express themselves in a personal way.
Orange is the perfect color for people who are ready to come out of their shells – or take a leap of faith on a new path.
This warming color opens up our ability to turns ideas into reality so it’s a great choice for artists and people who are finding their inner voice. This is a great color choice for people who need help with prosperity in all its forms, and for those people who find the greatest comfort in the great outdoors. This tranquil color allows us to see the beauty and safety in every moment and to take actions that create a better world.
It grounds us, calms us, and helps us feel that safe and protected feeling that only a mother’s energy can give. Within black all colors exist, so it represents the grand mystery of life, the Creator, and unlimited potential. They show an excellent color retention rate in corrosive environments such as sea water and cleaning products. That means you’ll find terrific and amazingly unique jewelry gift ideas at unbelievably low prices. The natural properties and composition of mined jade are completely unique, so no two sets of earrings will be the same as these.
The ornate box, also known as a ghau, can be used to hold a prayer close to his or her heart or as a locket for a tiny treasured keepsake. The versatile stone (which is actually iron pyrite) has been used in fashion and fine jewelry pieces ever since. This iridescent gemstone emulates the energies of a tiger, known to be focused, with strong determination and great patience.
Featuring a romantic rose shaped flower, this brooch is crafted in beige cornelian stone and set in a filigree frame adorned with crystals. Made of .925 sterling silver, this beautifully cast and carved ring is nearly one and a half inches in length at the top stone.
Rose gold is a fashion must-have this season, and there’s no better way to adorn her dainty ankle than with an anklet to flash around. This pendant affirms that you’re the perfect pair and belong together spiritually as well as physically. Since you're striving for awesome and different kinds of presents, we've packed our list with unusual gifts, large and small. With its face surrounded by a bezel full of sparkling, faceted crystals, this analogue watch is the perfect combination of function, fashion and form. Share the touching memories between you with this fun and sentimental token of your love for one another. Made of stainless steel with a beautiful 30 inch wheat chain, this rough and rugged statement piece can be worn inside his shirt our outside to make a clear statement about his faith in all things. Your sweetheart will be chomping at the bit to have you take her somewhere special just so she can wear this dramatic set, which also comes with matching earrings. The box-with-tongue style clasp will keep her sparkler secure wherever she wears it, and the sterling silver setting allows you to give her an over-the-top present, yet still afford to take her for a fancy night out on the town. The popular wrap bracelet is styled from genuine cowhide, softly tanned to prevent scratchiness against the skin.
As we come to the part of the year when there seems to be more color in the world around us than at any other time on the calendar, I thought it might be fun to share some of my favorite colors with you, and explore their spiritual and healing meanings as well. This is a great color for anyone looking to kick it up a notch in life and push the limits for a better tomorrow. This is a great color for people working on spiritual growth, self esteem, and self healing. This color inspires us to live life in a light way, let go of the drama, and follow the love energy.

Brown is a great color for kids, sensitive people, or those who would benefit from feeling more grounding and universal protection in their lives. Black is a great color for people who need to create more options in their lives, or who want to reconnect to the beautiful mysteries that surround us at every moment.
Either way, a special item of jewelry can become a signature piece that gets handed down from generation to generation. We’ve sourced the most awesome, cool, trendy, unique, traditional and not-so fashion jewelry to make your shopping trip a one-stop endeavor. In the spiritual realm, Jade is known as a dream stone and a stone of fidelity, so these Jade earrings make the perfect jewelry gift for your lady.
Often shaped with a faceted finish, the ring serves up lots of metallic luster along with its vintage feel. The natural purple turquoise is flecked with gold and silver highlights and interesting striations that make each and every ring completely unique. If your sweetheart is really enamored with blue topaz, you might want to splurge on this exquisite bracelet and matching earrings too. It comes with a silver plated chain, but you might consider getting him a really beefy sterling silver rope chain to go with this, for a long and beautiful life together. The glittering 18k gold is set off by brilliant blue-green turquoise stones that are both inlaid and bezel set. As a stone that imparts wisdom and peace of mind, this is the perfect warm champagne pink to delight and dazzle her. If you’d rather not wear a necklace, get the daddy-daughter keychain and necklace combo. The two-tone styling with both silver and gold gives the trendy mixed metal look to a timeless piece of men’s jewelry. These beautiful Tahitian South Sea cultured pearl earrings are on gorgeous sterling silver mountings. This sparkly piece will make her feel like royalty, and after all, she’s your princess, so why not?
If this big and bold design it too much for your lady, consider a smaller tennis bracelet style. The Maltese cross, commonly associated with knighthood, will let him know you think he’s your knight in shining armor. This is a great color for everyone – especially those people who need to feel more love, acceptance, and worth in their lives. With the active use can retain for 1 year in excellent condition (depends also on the colour). The great thing about shopping for unique fashion jewelry gifts is that it’s equally as fun to search for men as it is for women. Pair them with a beautiful matching Jade pendant for a showstopping present for your sweetheart. Get her a set of assorted crystal spacer beads to match the colors of whatever outfit she’s wearing. This glorious fashion ring is reminiscent of the 60’s and all that groovy pop culture. The organically-shaped stones and textured metals combine for a piece that is bold and daring without being showy or gaudy. If you’re looking to find a different cushion cut stone, check out these gorgeous options.
Each pearl shows superior luster, and the iridescent black means they will go from day to evening as a perfect accessory for any outfit. Collar necklaces come in so many bright colors and styles at great prices, you might want to get this brilliant blue designed one for your next special occasion.
After all, guys deserve to amp up their look with a cool bracelet, necklace, or ring, right?
Make sure to order your sweetie a sterling silver chain from which to dangle this beautiful prayer box.
Get her a super-cool tye dye hoodie and some CSNY to make it perfect retro birthday or anniversary gift.
Cameo brooches are timeless in their appeal, so this brooch will surely be handed down through generations. Devon Leigh also makes a fantastic ethnic and tribal styled ring that goes perfectly with this bracelet. While this watch might seem kind of dressy, it’s equally classy with a great pair of jeans. If you really want to spoil her, buy your sweetie a South Sea pearl necklace or South Sea pearl ring. And frankly, they’re less likely to expect a jewelry gift on their birthday or other special occasion, so it makes for a nifty surprise. Since leather bracelets are so affordable, you could buy him a selection of different designs.

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