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Warren arrived in 2008, the year after Ray Rice left for the NFL, and was immediately handed a jersey with a 27 on it — the same number Rice made famous in his three seasons on the banks. Turns out, Warren enjoys wearing Rice’s number, so much so that he uses it kid his young family members when they see the plethora of 27 jerseys on game-day.
Question for you- Is it me, but I've noticed that the Rutgers football recruiting has subssided considerably in the state of Florida in the last year or so?
I've followed all areas of our beloved Scarlet Knights football, especially recruiting, and I've not seen an mentioned of that anywhere, nor has anyone pose that question to Mr.
About the AuthorJerry CarinoJerry Carino has covered sports for the Gannett New Jersey newspapers since 1996 and has been on the college basketball beat since 2003. At my 3rd lesson he assigned me the Double Paradiddle – RLRLRR LRLRLL as well as the Triple Paradiddle RLRLRLRR LRLRLRLL. Throughout the years and growth of my own drumming education, I found these stickings to be very valuable and they became a part of my drumming vocabulary. 18 years ago I decided to record and self produce my own drumming video titled “Groove-A-Diddles” which was released on VHS in 1995.
Anyway, the goal was to inspire students to work towards developing these patterns and apply them in a musical way. I felt students would be excited about practising these patterns as well as working through “Stick Control” if they could see and hear all the potential they have applied on a drum kit.
When the video was released, I sold over 1000 copies within the first year and then MVP (Music Video Products) started distributing it. The message I want to share today for all new drummers is to take the time, be patient and please practice your paradiddles, single strokes and double strokes.
I share with you a link to a 10 minute lesson I did about “Groove-A-Diddles” from my video “Drumology” which was filmed in 2001 in New Jersey as well as a copy of an article that appeared in Canadian Musician magazine about 10 years ago. You will find below links to 3 lessons I posted on You Tube as well as transcriptions of each lesson.
I tell all my beginner students at their first lesson the most important part of the drum set is the drum throne. As far as the throne distance to my bass drum pedal I am always aware of keeping a right angle on my legs so this way I am not too close or too far from the bass drum. As far as positioning the snare and hihat a very simple guideline that works for me and many of my students is to have my snare in front of me facing 12 o’clock position. This weeks lick is showing how I take a 16th note linear groove and convert it into a neat quasi-reggae half time shuffle groove.
Greetings everyone, I actually had no plans to blog on this topic, however I just received a phone call about an hour ago from a potential student asking about drum lessons.
Quote on quote “I want to be in the Guinness book of world records for the fastest drummer in the world”. I said, there will be many steps, patience, and or course hours of practising to achieve this goal. I said I am going to email you an article I wrote a few years ago and I want you to read it and get back to me with your thoughts on it and let me know if learning to play drums now will have a different meaning. I think it would be amazing to be able to sight read something perfectly and have the fastest feet around, however we have to be realistic in where we focus our time in developing the art form in drumming.
In my 22 years of teaching drum lessons, I have noticed a shift in priorities in the last few years with beginner students of all ages.

In comparison, it would be like when I first learned to ride a tricycle and I felt comfortable and relaxed, I then asked my dad when can I get a regular two wheel bicycle rather than asking him if I take the car out for a drive.
I think the best solution and advice I can give for the “real” world is for one to develop oneself and become a well rounded drummer. If your weekly schedule would allow you to practice 20 hours per week then that would be plenty of time to work on many areas. Depending on your personal schedule, perhaps you can squeeze an extra 5 hours weekly, then focus on working on some personal favorite tricks or speed development ideas you might want to achieve. In my closing comments here are 5 tips that I would suggest for the up and coming generation of new drummers. Remember that prioritizing your stages at learning the wonderful art form of drumming is the key. Greetings fellow drummers, for this week’s drum lick we are going to take a look at another 16th note triplet fill. Greetings fellow drummers, I have had many requests to post short, sweet and simple ideas whether the are fills or grooves for all of you to work on. Back in April 2010, I was invited to be on a teaching panel for an event Hudson Music and the Drummer’s Collective organized called “Drum set Teacher’s Event” in NYC. I felt very honoured to be a part of this team as well to have an incredible audience of many experienced professional drummers attending.
Prior to that Swiss finished a successful four years as the Music Director and Drummer for five times Grammy winner, John Legend, and is now building his own career with a forthcoming album to be released internationally as well as finishing his book, Sticking With Swiss Chris. One of my favorite videos is hearing him groove and lay it down with John Legend on Good Morning America. This being said, I have always told my drum students, if you want to be hireable, learn as many popular standard tunes as you can in all styles. I define standard tunes as songs that have had been hits, and will continue to be popular and will have longevity for many years.
We also heard many popular rock tunes from The Rolling Stones ( performed by 3 different bands ), The Beatles, AC-DC and much more. For example, if someone asked me to play the tune “The Girl from Ipanema” I know that it was originally recorded in a Bossa Nova style and would approach it that way.
If someone asked me to play “Shook me all Night Long” by AC-DC, I know that’s a straight up rock tune with a guitar intro. I can guarantee you on your next wedding gig, corporate function or a club date you will have to perform some standard tunes. You might not enjoy listening to some of these but performing them with live musicians is a totally different and enjoyable experience.
It’s like saying you might not enjoy preparing a meal but eating it is always tasty and fun. A Home News Tribune staff writer since August 1997, Keith has been covering Rutgers sports since 2000, serving as the Scarlet Knights' football beat writer since 2006. A native of Old Bridge, he also teaches journalism at Kean University.E-mail JerryJosh NewmanJosh Newman has worked for the Press since September 2004 and began covering Shore Conference sports full time in September 2006. If it’s not set to a comfortable height and position, playing the drums effectively will be much more challenging and uncomfortable.
I recommend if experimenting with throne heights set it for a week and give it that time for your body to adjust.

Some students might come into their first lesson wanting to learn how to play a one handed drum role, but first need to develop proper technique in holding drum sticks.
The message I would like to convey to you drummers out there, especially the ones just starting out is if you choose to become a professional drummer, remember that it’s important to become versatile as a player.
There have been so many incredible songs by artists in the past several years that have used this type of groove to drive the tune.
My ride cymbal is a playing a tradtionl jazz swing pattern and my left hand is moving bewteen the snare and hihat. After gaining his paper at Dante Agostini in Switzerland, he further studied at the Drummer’s Collective in New York. I don’t mean you have to memorize all the lyrics, drum fills and every chord change but try to have some general understanding of the style, feel, melody and basic form. Once you are comfortably positioned and relaxed you should be able to express yourself fluently when playing. One might be anxious in wanting to learn to play double bass right away, but have not yet learned to play one bass drum. Swiss has also studied with diverse teachers like Bob Moses, Marvin “Smitty” Smith, Kim Plainfield, Casey Scheuerell, Kenwood Dennard, Joe Morello, Jim Chapin and last but not least, the Drum Doctor Dom Famularo! Aside from the warm weather, beaches, great food and drinks we have always been exposed to great musical talent.
Rutgers baseball improved to .500 for the season with its five-inning 12-3 victory over St. He became New Jersey Press Mediaa€™s Rutgers womena€™s basketball beat writer in 2009 and Rutgers football beat writer in 2013. By request from drummers in 2002 I had it transferred to DVD and it is available for sell through my website. The answer to that depends on your body height, weight, size and what feels comfortable for you. I always say if I can play with my eyes closed and maneuver around the kit without hitting rims or getting pain in my limbs I have found my proper setup.
However, should that band break up for some reason, then you will have a much more difficult time finding live work because you may lack the versatility that would be required of you for having only focused on one area of music style.
I have personally experienced this after touring with several rock bands for years at a young age. The height is approx 4-6 inches above my snare and it is positioned in a way that if I could draw a vertical line from my throw off (positioned left) going upwards it would touch the edge of my hihat. Cymbal heights and placement on the kit will also vary depending on how many cymbals you use in your setup. I have my floor tom positioned at a similar height as my snare which is about a few inches above my knees. I play my toms pretty flat and not angled in a bizarre position as I recalled seeing pictures of drum set’s sold in the Sears catalogs back in the 80’s. I had realized at that point that I needed to make some changes as a professional player so that I would be able to be a versatile musician.

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