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Madeline was at my mom and dad’s for the week, so it was just Jon and I dawdling around without any plans, without a care about time, without feeling like we were in a rush, NOT having to go anywhere, and we enjoyed one lazy dazy thing after another.
For me, PERSONALLY, I beat to the natural rhythm of things, as they say, and look at burning firewood, responsibly, as a very natural thing to do. We save on our utility bills when we have the fireplace going, and it reduces our consumption of other energy sources.

I’ve read studies that show the amount of carbon dioxide emitted when it burns is equivalent to what naturally happens when wood simply decays on the forest floor. Fires are good when it’s cold out and you get the barrel loaded with wood and sit next to it outdoors with liquid of your choice. That’s my kind of weekend I love how winter kind of forces us to slow down for a while.

And the days when you don’t have to set an alarm clock or worry about being somewhere makes it even better.

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