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Nose cancer survivor Lim Wai Cheng shares his personal experience in relieving a blocked ear the natural way, without medication. Recently, on two occasions, when I blew my nose after flushing it, the fluid went into my ear even though I did not blow too hard.
I have had this problem of a blocked ear right since the completion of radiation for my nose cancer. This time, after experiencing the discomfort in my office, I spoke to the company GP who prescribed ear drops and an antihistamine.
I threw the medicines away and, as I knew the cause of the problem, I tried to flush my nose and gargle my throat to get rid of the phlegm. Two days later when I got back to work, I could hear gushes of flowing water when I walked past heavy traffic. Everything seemed so noisy, I could even hear my own heartbeat. Child Safety and Injury PreventionThis is your chance to get answers to your questions on how to better childproof your home!
Ear infection - chronic: MedlinePlus Medical EncyclopediaChronic ear infection is fluid, swelling, or an infection behind the eardrum that does not go . If you had visited doctor for treatment but the condition doesn’t seem to improve, please read on as I have some natural WAYS to help you managing your ringing ears. Now you have a much better understanding about ringing ears treatment, it’s time to put them to use. It never occurred to me to visit an ENT specialist as getting an appointment would take 2-3 weeks. Besides, I had no time and extra cash to spare. I consulted my Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) physician and analysed the problem with her.

I tried not to get into heavy traffic or crowded areas, which meant I stayed at home and indoors as far as possible. Each individual may react differently to the above experience, and we would like you to exercise discretion.
At times, it may just happen for an hour before going off by itself, but on most occasions, it may hinder you for weeks. Due to the fact that this disorder can easily create an uneasy, disruptive as well as excruciating buzzing in the ears, most patients find them unbearable and affecting their peaceful life. Together, I want to further improve our health status and continue to enjoy good health as we age. We concluded that I should take Chinese herbs to loosen the phlegm that was stuck in my middle ear. I resumed my weekend exercise in the park after a gap of three to four weeks due to my busy schedule. The article does not represent the views of the NPC Support Group or its members, the National Cancer Centre of Singapore (NCCS) and SingHealth.
The issue could be long-term if without treatment, thus it is important to have tinnitus treated right from beginning. If you are totally drained by the time you are going to bed, you will certainly have a much easier time getting to your sleep.
The background sound could help in concealing your ringing ears to make sure that you do not feel its present.
If you keep having ringing in the ears, it could be the result of excessive stress and anxiety in your lifestyle.

As I stretched my mouth and stuck out my tongue, I could feel the pressure in my left ear ease slightly.
On Sundays, I enjoy sweating out in the park, cook myself a good meal, watch my favourite Japan Hour on Channel News Asia, and then have my blissful afternoon nap. The author and the agencies mentioned disclaim any liability or responsibility arising from it.The information and content contained within this website belongs to the NPC Support Group and its individual contributors. This will offer temporary relief so that you could get some sleep but it would not cure your tinnitus. I could not tell which phone was ringing in my office and I had to ask my colleagues to repeat themselves because I could not hear well. No whole or part of the information and content may be copied or re-produced without the written permission of the NPC Support Group.
When these medicines are stopped or altered, the ringing ears signs and symptoms may disappear. However, after the 30 minute session, I did not feel particularly relieved of the ringing ear. So seek advice from your medical professional and learn about what medications can possibly lead to ringing in the ears. Nature has great healing power and I felt good after spending one-and-a-half hours in the fresh morning air.

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