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Quite often certain symptoms terrify the bejeezus out of you, but spell no danger to life and limb. You worry that you have a clot in your leg, like your uncle, who was operated upon; that you will not be able to walk. Gently stretch muscles before exercising or going to bed, to make muscles and tendons more flexible and less likely to contract. For side stitches breathe slowly and rhythmically because they are often caused by spasms of an overworked diaphragm, the muscle that helps expand and contract your lungs.
How it happens The lightheadedness and dizziness is triggered by moving and tilting the head, which are actually symptoms, not a disease.
What to do Lie on the mattress and, resting only your head on the pillow, throw your lower body out of the bed. Why it happens Allergic reaction to streptomycin, High Blood Pressure medication, aspirin, alcohol, nicotine, caffeine. See doctors if the sound is only in one ear, if you hear the sounds while you’re walking through a busy street. What it is Bell’s Palsy, a paralysis of the muscles in the face which normally control movement?
How it happens The facial nerve under and just behind the ear is damaged because of inflammation, a viral infection, blasting one side of the face with icy cold air.
Remember that a stroke usually causes sudden weakness only in the lower part of the face rather than the entire face, together with weakness of an arm or a leg. Your head fells as though a tight belt has been would around your forehead, temples or eyes sockets. How it happens Stress, anxiety, fatigue, depression make you hunch your shoulders and knot your neck muscles.
You need to relax those tense shoulder muscles by lifting them up and dropping them a few times. They pop up at inopportune moments, while you are having a meal with the new love of your life.
How it happens When you breathe in ‘n’ out normally, air flows smoothly in an out of your lungs, in tune to the up and don movement of the diaphragm (the tough sheet of muscle which separates the abdomen). A hiccup happens when the normal sequence of events is disturbed and the diaphragm twitches.
Eating too quickly or too much, laughing, drinking alcohol, food or drink that is too hot or too cold or too spicy, exercising after a meal.

Note None of these tricks are easy to do in public, so hide yourself away to a quiet niche. What it happens So much is going on your life that your brain is crowded, and you have trouble retrieving the right information when you want it? Your heart thumps wildly, you cannot breathe, and you choke up sweat before an interview – for a job or life partner.
Remember that however uncomfortable you feel, the attack will not harm you permanently and will pass. Why it happens The bladder neck that usually closed during ejaculation remains open, causing the fluid to return into the bladder.
You wake up like clockwork at 2 AM after three hours of sleep and then toss ‘n’ turn till you fall into an uneasy slumber. What it is Insomnia, which affects 12.5 crore Indians, means not getting enough of proper sleep, the essence of which is dissatisfaction reflected in insufficient sleep, frequent awakening, feeling unrefreshed in the morning. Why it happens Stress, depression, long working hours, jetlag, too much coffee or alcohol, irregular hours, too much leisure, boredom are culprits.
You’re not getting enough if you need an alarm clock to rouse you, or fall asleep 5 minutes after you hit your pillow (well rested people need 13 to 17 minutes to doze off) and feel drowsy all day. Limit fluid intake specially alcohol before bedtime, which can waken you up to traipse to the loo.
Consult a doctor for sleep apnea, in which the windpipe chokes during sleep, blocking airflow and forcing the sleeper to wake up many times a night, characterized by loud snoring, gasping for breath during sleep, day time lethargy. How it happens A very dry mouth (because of defective taste buds on the tongue), after a cold, heavy smoking (esp a pipe), antidepressants, simply getting older. Use mouthwash formulated for dryness (the regular ones contain alcohol which promote dry mouth). Your eye twitches involuntarily and it looks embarrassingly as though you’ve winking at somebody. How it happens An abnormally positioned artery or loop of an artery that compresses cranial nerve VII where it exits from the brain stem. In children, the spasms are habit related and include eye blinking, shoulder shrugging, and grimacing, sniffing, neck twisting.
It can be reassuring to know that you’re not knocking at Heaven’s door, which is what we’ve done here. It can happen after eating when you’re lying down, when blood flows to the digestive tract rather than to the muscle, after vigorous exercise when you are dehydrated with low potassium levels.

An illusion of movement and one of 10 top complaints dealt regularly by GPs, specially in the elderly. It is caused by a mild disorder in the delicate balance of the ear which usually happens after a cold.
It is a noise originating in the ear, not in the environment, 90% of which is not too noticeable, and lasts for a couple of minutes to a couple of days.
Teeth grinding while sleeping is also a cause, so is listening to your stereo at top volume when driving. The annoying sound is produced as air is forced rapidly through the vocal cords and then cut off. You can’t remember the name of the actor in a movie, your brother’s birthday, where you kept your keys. Acute anxiety also teamed with chest pain, dry mouth, flushing, nausea, numbness, diarrhea, trembling. This almost always happens after a Transurethral Resection, a condition that affects older men. Muscles on one side of the face twitch involuntarily, beginning on the eyelid spreading to the cheek and mouth.
In a child if the writhing and twitching is in different parts of the body, no two of which are the same. The attack may last for less than a minute, but may occur daily for several weeks, until it suddenly disappears like Puff the Magic Dragon. These juices contain hydrochloric acid, the corrosive substance used in industry to clean metal. Stay upright and the acid in your stomach is more likely to stay put when you finally lie down. It may last for weeks or months, after which a new one can take its place, and is common tense children with strict parents.
Now while your stomach has a protective lining so that it doesn’t succumb to the acid, the food pipe does not.

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