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ClipArt ETC is a part of the Educational Technology Clearinghouse and is produced by the Florida Center for Instructional Technology, College of Education, University of South Florida. Body piercing has been a popular tradition since ages, but more than a tradition, it has emerged out to be an art.
Tragus is a part of our ear which is located at the opening of the ear and is formed of a fairly thick part of the ear cartilage. Rook piercing is regarded as one of the most painful and difficult to perform ear piercing. Lobe piercing is the simplest and most popular form of ear piercing where the lobe at the bottom of the ear is perforated and jewelry is fixed in. Lobe stretching or ear lobe gauging is one of the newest trends in the field of trendy ear piercings.
The helix piercing is the  most popular kind of ear piercing where punctures are made in the upper ear, towards the rim, better known as the forward helix.
I was rooting about the condo for a spare micro-SD card when I found one from one of my digicams. The second hole never healed – it was still full of pus and blood so I took that one out as well, leaving me with my current single bar on top. I had a dermal anchor piercing (also called a microdermal implant) done last year and it healed pretty well without much care on my part. The microdermal implant started growing out when my niece pulled at it during Chinese New Year and it has caught several times against my clothing ever since.
Microdermals are foreign objects and your body will reject it given time so I figured I might as well expedite the process.
Microdermal implants uses surgical grade titanium to anchor an interchangeable stud under your skin. Fresh says it looks like someone just hammered a nail in my heart but it’s actually straight in the middle of my body. I didn’t find it painful but then again your mileage may vary since everyone has different pain thresholds. I had a sudden and inexplicable urge to get a piercing while having supper the night before, after a long day discussing Family Matters (TM). I can’t go for extreme piercings due to the nature of my work so I settled for a simple ear cartilage piercing.
I didn’t manage to write about the nipple piercings before since the videos and photos were back in Sibu. I already had something in mind when I went in – I want both nipples to be pierced, but with a twist (no pun intended).
I was also adamant about using spiked bars instead of rings, much to the consternation of my attire.
I had to use both my hands to hold out my shirt so it doesn’t come into contact with the newly pierced nipples when I walked out of the place.
Thus, I decided to go for the bling factor and went gold like the tongue piercing I did in 2006. Unfortunately, it would take about four hours to ink and an hour to draw so I decided to go for an unconventional piercing instead. I came to this tattoo place to get my nipples pierced about three months ago and asked about flesh stapling and other hardcore or extreme piercings that they do. I originally planned for three similar length and gauge surface piercings but the piercer told me it would look disproportionate due to the widening of the arm, so he suggested 22 gauge, 24 gauge and 26 gauge bars in ascending order so it’ll look straight.
The skin is clamped together at the wrist and then pierced through with a large needle before the surface bar is inserted and the end screwed in. The site of the piercing (in this case my left wrist) is marked with a pen with horizontal and vertical lines as a guide for the three bars going in. A very thick needle is poked through the skin from A to B so it goes under the skin between the two points.
It’s supposed to take six (!!!) months to completely heal but I think mine is pretty much healed now.

This shows the needle going in and piercing through the tongue with the follow through with the bar. It refers to the act of puncturing or carving out holes into various body parts, usually for wearing jewelry.
The process of tragus piercing involves small gauge piercing needles and the jewelry usually worn in the tragus is of the form of captive bead ring or thin circular wire rings.
Daith piercing occurs in the inner ear cartilage that is located just above the ear canal opening. Snug piercing is carried out on the cartilage inside the ear rim which is basically a vertical fold. It is also regarded the least painful of all as there is no cartilage involved and the number of nerve endings are less in comparison with other parts of the ear.
Earlobe piercings that feature bigger diameter gems or piercings big enough to look through are new and unique.
I even had a video of the infected industrial piercing in there from back when I haven’t cleaned up my condo yet.
However, the skin around it started getting inflamed and I knew that my body was going to reject the piercing. However, now that I’m working, piercings (except for the usual orthodox ones) have to be concealable under office attire.
I managed to grab the external HDD when I went back home a couple of months ago, so all the assets are with me now! I’ve had most of my face and various bodily parts pierced with no more than a shrug and a smile.
It cost me RM 130 at 1Utama, which is higher than what the good people at Bukit Bintang charge. I had originally intended to go in for a tattoo on my left ankle – a rotting, dead corpse hand with yellowing fingers grasping my leg and pulling me down with blood dripping from the fingernail rake marks, all in full color. My policy regarding piercings is simple – it has to be concealed (or at least concealable) due to my line of work. The entire bar goes under your skin so you can feel it beneath your skin, somewhat akin to a sub dermal implant. Ear piercing as well as nose piercing have been most popular and accepted forms of body piercing.
Though it is a comparatively robust form of ear piercing, but it may turn irritable at times. Anti tragus piercing is rare to find, and is mostly sported by the adventurous ones who have a genuine love for ear piercings.  It is a distinct and unique style of ear piercing that will surely catch the eye of people. This is because of the fact, that depending upon the ear shape, the rook may not be protruding enough to perform the piercing, plus the piercing has to be done in different ear cartilages. While the piercing of the inner conch is performed at the ear cartilage’s centre, it requires an advanced and trained profession with special and thicker piercing needles.
What happens in case of industrial piercing is that two punches are made, on the helix or the ear cartilage and a single long piece of jewelry is worn in them, connecting the two. Usually piercing guns are employed for puncturing the helix but bigger needles may also be used by a few. This was from the infected industrial piercing that I have since took out and replaced with two standard bars. However, my approach towards body modification is always LITHA (Leave It The Hell Alone) and it usually works for me.
I’ve been looking to get another black one with a gemstone on top, but alas, the piercing shop does not carry it. I have pierced most of my face since I was 15 and I only have my tongue and nipple piercings left.
It hurt a little after a couple of days though, especially when it snags on clothes and hair. It’s different and I get a lot of double takes and people commenting about it (one guy even wanted to take a photo of it) when I go out.

It sounds like a mundane (understatement of the year) post, which it is, but I’m trying to make it sound interesting. Ear piercing, in particular has become a global practice, though its types and numbers vary across the world.
Wearing earphones during the heal time can be problematic in this type of piercing, however the chances of tearing or stretching are low. However, it is a painful practice and needs proper care and professional assistance at times. It occurs in the folding cartilage separating inner and outer conch and is therefore vulnerable to tearing. The needle employed for performing daith piercing is usually curved or have small receiver tubes at the opposite end, so as to prevent damage to other ear parts. In case of a vertical scaffold, the holes are carved in a vertical direction comparatively, and a similar long jewelry item is worn. The widest range of earrings is available for ear lobe piercings, of varying lengths, colors and designs.
The process involves stretching of healed lobe piercings to accommodate large sized earrings repeatedly in steps over a long time.
The helix piercing has found favoritism in the Western world where men and women both are least reluctant to go for it. Small bead ring type jewelries are worn in daith piercings that make it look cool and trendy. Outer conch piercing involves piercing of the outer cartilage of our ear and lesser complex mechanisms.
The two ends of the long jewelry have two metal balls so as to prevent the jewelry piece from slip out. The anti helix is placed adjacent to helix and same jewels can be used in both piercings to give an attractive look.
Actually, this traditional form of ear piercing witnessed its popularity heights around three decades ago and since then, there has been no looking back.
However, the risk is high, as chances of tearing and bleeding exist, if careful and correct stretching is not undertaken. Helix piercing is the leading fashion, you can’t be hanging out without noticing people with those attractive helix jewelry. Ancient tribes have been performing ear piercing since time immemorial; in fact, mummies with their ears pierced have been discovered in Egypt. However, conch piercing should not be confused with the helix piercing as the former is performed on the flat portion of the cartilage. Anti helix piercing may not be as popular as helix piercing since the latter is more convenient, still there are many round the globe who have absolute love towards anti helix piercings.
Helix piercings often bear two ball earrings, metal rings, studs, beads or gem closed earrings of different colors. Down the years, various types of ear piercings have been adopted by masses from theirs or other cultures.
When it comes to cartilage piercings, dermal punching helps since stretching can lead to scars.
Ear piercing varies with the type of ear cartilage being pierced and also with the thickness of the hole. Dermal punching is a technique of cutting out holes in cartilages to fix in large sized gems. Generally, the piercings are of smaller thickness just to let a thin metal wire pass through, but there are practices of dermal punching and passing of thick objects through the pierced ears, known to the world. The growing variations and practices of ear piercing have given a boom to the jewelry industry where different beautiful earrings are being designed to adorn men and women worldwide.

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