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Sitting at his desk, senior Bryan Hunt copies down the notes from the board as several students stare and whisper from across the room.
Before gauging your ears, be aware that there are some conflicts that may occur, including infection, blow outs or the question of whether or not your gauging will heal. At a certain point, a gauge may not fully close; although, it is difficult to decide what is the size of no return because switching sizes is a very individual process. Junior Stacey Hester started gauging her ears in eighth grade, and started at a size eight (see graphic below). A normal ear piercing is an 18 gauge, but Anderson skipped size 16 and went straight to 14. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Shouldn’t she be buying Jace Christmas presents or using her money to set up a college fund?

And forget about the fact that you have better activities you could be doing with your time. Well, if that’s true, then these girls need to figure out how to allocate their money more wisely.
Especially when I went to private school, people tried to say God frowned upon it because I was ruining my ‘temple,’” Hester said. Many factors affect whether gauging will heal such as age, time taken to stretch the ear, time fully healed at a particular size, skin elasticity and scar tissue formation. A blow out is when the hole of the ear starts to get pushed back out in the back of the piercing and occurs when switching sizes. Despite the reactions of others, Hester gauges her ears because she finds it unique and likes the way it looks. Doesn’t Jace need Christmas presents, and aren’t you supposed to be studying for finals?

With our new site it makes it easier for us to display this data and we hope to have everything on the new system ASAP. While she gets a salary from MTV, wasting her money on new ear gauges isn’t the smartest idea. He gauges because he wants to, because he likes them, not because of what other people think.

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