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Body ArtAlmost Everything There is to Know About Piercings Part Deux; Piercings, Risks, Cleaning, etc. So, with this new board and such, I figured it?s time to redo the piercing faq and put it all together, update it, etc etc. The daith takes about 3-6 months to heal and is generally done with a 16-18g curved barbell or CBR. Cheek piercings take 4-9 months to heal and are usually pierced with a 14g straight barbell.
Takes 4-6 months to heal and is recommended to be pierced with a 14g curved barbell for healing but can also be done with a CBR. Boiling; Partially sterilizes, but personally, I would never pierce myself with something partially sterilized.
Rubbing Alcohol; Disinfects to some extent but most microbes (including Hepatitis) are not killed.
The obvious statement that you probably don?t know what you?re doing?especially if you think alcohol sterilizes stuff.
When stretching a piercing, the skin tunnel can be forced out the back of the hole by pressure.
When lobe piercings are done with a gauge too small (generally anything smaller than 16 or 18g), the lobe can easily be torn with the slightest of pressure. When swelling gets trapped in the cartilage layers, the infection can begin to destroy the cartilage in a matter of a day or two.
Straight from ?Piercings: A FAQ Post? by yours truly? (generally because I am too lazy to type it out, and it?s not straight from, I did some editing, but hey! Do not use alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, antibiotic ointments, betadine or iodine, hibiclens, ear care solution or bactine, or any other first aid product. If the jewelry has screw on balls or beads check and make sure the beads remain tight on the jewelry. If a piercing should appear to be rejecting or growing out, please consult your piercer to determine an appropriate course of action. In oral piercings, rinse your mouth with a saltwater solution for at least 30 seconds 3-5 times a day. About what u said about Clair's piercings: I got my ears done there and they came out fine. I probably wouldn't go back to Claire's to get another piercing done, but for what they are, they didn't do a half-bad job. I think what POT is trying to tell us is don't risk having a bad experience with a piercing because you got it gunned. You could have had an okay experience at Clarie's, but I am telling you there is better out there and when you go there you are putting yourself at a huge risk. Picture Sitemap at Wear Earrings Again with Maggie's Creations - Non-Allergenic Jewerly, guaranteed!

First of all you need to wash your hands, the large earrings and the taper thoroughly in warm and soapy water.
In the end, you need to wipe out the earrings in order to get rid of any residual lubricating jelly.
This .22 Rifle Inward and Outward Scoring Gauges for the NRA A-36 target (now discontinued by NRA for matches) or the A-17 target, are precision CNC machined from stainless steel. Outward scoring has you looking not at the ten dot when you insert the gauge, but at the rings toward the outside of the bull.
Many people make the mistake of getting their lobes pierced by a gun at Claire?s, Wal-Mart, etc. Remember, not everyone pierces at the same gauged jewelry and it is just a general statement. Please note that this IS a surface piercing meaning it will probably be a bit more painful, healing time will be longer, and has a very high risk of migration or rejection.
But the more I stretch them?the more obvious it is that they did NOT place these symmetrically! There are two ways to remove this tissue?downsizing and hoping it goes away and having it removed. They can be caused by bacterial infections, can happen on all piercings, and generally can be treated by hot compresses, herbal soaks, sea salt soaks, and an antibiotic ointment. It can either tear the ear ring all the way out or cause the hole to turn into a long slit. Even after healing, your body may decide that it does not like that jewelry and push it out. Think about it, I could punch two people using the same force and one would probably hurt more. Clean your hands for with the antibacterial soap, wash away the crusties with warm water, and lather the antibacterial soap around the piercing.
Cover the piercing with the cup containing the saltwater so that it creates a bind and let it soak for ten minutes.
Thank you for taking the time to read over it, thank you for taking the time to be safe about your piercings, and please continue to do so. Please refer to the stretching section on best ways to stretch and how to take care of newly stretched piercings. That means the bar can easily go into the piercing without the screws scraping against it, especially when it?s fresh. If you believe that the gun is okay, please stick with me or scroll to the bottom to read why it is not. Believe me, I got mine done with a needle and had less problems with it than my friends have who got it done with a gun.
With cartilage piercings, the jewelry should be a size smaller than the needle used to pierce you.

If this happens, immediately downsize to something that will definitely get the pressure off and allow it to heal before stretching again. Some of the accessories can be larger than the size of the piercing hole and for this purpose, the person needs to gauge or stretch their ears.
Then push the rest of the taper with pressure so the earrings also follow the taper and through the ear hole. But it's easy to be confused by which gauge to use when you're scoring a multi-event match; and it's easy to simply reach for the wrong one. Jewelry can also be made of MANY materials but for healing purposes, surgical stainless steel is best. For those over the age of eighteen, if you wish to research those, I recommend contacting a professional piercer that you have been recommended to. Surface piercings are something that need to be highly researched before getting them done.
Do you feel a lot of pain from something simple or does it take a lot for you to feel pain? I feel your pain, while I am a piercing addict, if you?ve seen my picture, you?ll realize that I don?t have piercings all over my body, and there is a reason behind that. Tapers are cones which are used for stretching the ears for wearing accessories larger than the normal piercing hole.
I once had to go to the doctor and get put on antibiotics and start all over on my stretching because I skipped a gauge and got a massive infection in my ears. That goes with everyone?not just piercers Poor placement can result in the bar being pushes through the rim bisecting the cartilage.
If you have a low tolerance level for pain, it probably will hurt, the higher level of tolerance you have, and the less it would hurt. I tipped my first piercer, Miro (who is sadly not piercing anymore) $3 when he cleaned my month old piercing for free and checked out some scar tissue I had. I am talking about my ears being swollen to the size of quarters and my lymph nodes were swollen and hurt. Because as we all know, you can not be told how much something will hurt as it will hurt us all differently. I got my industrial by proving to my mom that I researched it, I knew what I was going to have to do to take care of it, and I was going to pay for it. I promise, every time I would compliment Miro and give him a tip when I would go in the shop, he would automatically smile.

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