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When beginning the ear lobe stretching process, it is imperative that the individual starts out small. Ear gauges range in size from just a little larger than pierced ears, all the way up to extra-large 2-inch openings.
Ear lobes and gauges must be washed every day; doing so in the shower is a quick and easy method.
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With more people gauging their ear lobes to fit plugs up to 2 inches in diameter, the need for proper care instructions is increasing. Individuals can disinfect stainless steel tapers by boiling them or holding them over a direct flame.
If the ear lobes begin to ooze pus, it is a sign of an infection, which could turn serious.
Using the right size tapers and ear plugs is essential to maintaining a healthy ear lobe as it stretches to the desired diameter, so anytime you plan to increase the size, you need to increase the size of the taper and the ear gauge plug.

Ear gauging uses a system of inserting a taper into the ear to stretch the lobe, and then inserting plugs, or other jewelry into the opening after reaching the desired diameter. Stainless steel plugs and tapers allow the ear lobes to stretch much easier than other materials, and any type of spiral or odd shaped plug or taper needs to be avoided in the beginning. Every individual, no matter how large a gauge they end up with, must start with a smaller size and work their way up to the desired gauge.
When sizing ear gauge jewelry, it is important that the individual know the exact size they need. If the plugs or tapers are left in the ear without time to breathe, the lining becomes thin and irritated, and the risk for infection increases. Before gauging, it is important to know how to properly stretch the ear, as well as care for the jewelry and ear lobes. Massage the ears with vitamin E oil several times a day for a few days before beginning the stretching process. Before inserting the taper into the ear lobe, it needs to be lubricated with a water-based lubricant.

Leave the cotton balls in place for 10 to 15 minutes to allow the sea salt to properly seep into the ear lobes.
In the beginning, it takes two weeks for the initial stretch, and then the individual needs to wait at least one month before continuing to the next level. Enter the search term or description into the search bar at the top of any page for instant results.
Narrow your search by tapers, plugs, or even cleaning solutions for a more specific search.
Never force the taper into the ear, only push it as far as is comfortable, and allow the ear lobe to stretch naturally.

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