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The logo is featured on one side of plugs that are made from the material of your choice.These plugs are handmade by us! A whole subculture of young people who've chosen to "gauge" their ears, as it's called, are posing a challenge to plastic surgeons. When people tell you to stick it in your ear, no one quite envisioned what a young subculture is putting in their ear lobes. Chris Bradford has a whole set of things you can put into an ear lobe once the hole becomes large enough to hold them.

But a choice later --not to wear gauges anymore-- is more complicated, especially if you've got up to two and three inch holes in your ears. Now, at age 22, Bradford is working at a Jimmy Johns Sandwich Shop and had a very pro-active employer confront him about the gauges.
Jimmy John wanted Bradford to agree to give up the gauges and have his ears restored back to normal again.
Clayton charged $2,600 to repair Chris' ears because he had to experiment until he found the best technique.

With our new site it makes it easier for us to display this data and we hope to have everything on the new system ASAP.

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