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I put ear mite medicine in her ears and now little black dots are in them look like little bugs! Mites can be treated at home using a drop or two of a flea topspot product on a Qtip and wiping it deeply in the ear.
Last night I discovered my dog has ear mites again, and I don't have a car to go get mineral oil, but I have canola and vegetable oil. Well I was told it was ear mites and i looked it up with images and it looks just like that, either way her ears look terrible. You treat ear mites by going to the vet, getting a proper diagnosis and then getting the proper treatment.
The mites crawl around inside the ear canal and come in contact with the cerumen (ear wax). Ear mite infection is very contagious among cats and dogs and is usually accompanied by inflammation, head shaking and ear scratching.
If you notice a foul smell or odor coming from your pets ears, that is a sure sign of an ear infection. In order to effectively treat for ear mites, it is important to treat the environment as well. Many people are scared to clean their pet’s ears in fear they will damage their pet’s ear drum or cause hearing loss.
Relax… It’s important that your pet’s ears are cleaned regularly to eliminate infestation and infection. Soon your pets will be back to their old adventurous or relaxing ways (as the case may be). I have 2 dogs and I can't keep them separated for long, so I need to take some sort of action IMMEDIATELY.

My boyfriend used to own her and he gave me an ear medication stuff in a bottle , and his reason was "ear mites" but I can not find that bottle anywhere !!
Dog ear mites or feline ear mite ear infections usually produce a dry, black discharge from the ear commonly said to resemble coffee grounds. Dogs can be infected as well with dog ear mites, however, dogs are prone to other types of ear infections that don’t involve mites, so you have to be careful in diagnosing mites. If left untreated long enough, infection can spread to the tail and feet or worse yet, hearing loss or deafness can occur.
In many cases the eardrum can perforate or the infection could get intense enough to travel to the brain. If you have an outside pet, it is important to keep them away from those areas and other pets until the dog ear mite or feline ear mite infection is repaired and the infestation in the environment is gone. Regular cleaning will eliminate problems for your pet and it will allow him to live a happy, healthier life. Bacteria and Yeast are normal inhabitants of the ear canal, but under certain circumstances they will proliferate resulting in a full blown ear infection.
We often say to apply 5-6 drops of medication, but realistically you can’t actually see how many drops are applied. She shakes her head and itches them, I noticed a little bite in one, and fleas have been around her face lately.
Ear Mite infection symptoms are often diagnosed based on the presence of the discharge alone, even without visual confirmation of the mites under a microscope. It’s critical as a pet owner that you learn how to handle Ear Mite infestations safely and quickly. If you don’t treat your pet AND its environment, and the pet is not restricted from infested environments, the chances of getting ear mites again or passing it on to other pets is very high.

Look at the diagram and see how the cotton swab, when placed correctly, can’t even reach the ear drum. Maintain and clean your pet’s ears with the Pets’BestRx™ Healing & Protection Spray regularly and never worry about complications!
In some cases allergies, grass awns, tumors, or ear mites can be the underlying cause that initiates an infection. The irritation and blockage of air flow can cause a secondary bacterial or fungal infection. A moist, dark and hot ear is a perfect environment for bacteria or yeast infections to grow.
I gave her a bath, and dried them really well and they appeared normal and normal color and perfect. It started on Friday on Sunday I noticed it had red spots, like dried blood, that morning(Sunday) I woke up with his head right by my face(he nestles in my neck at night) and it smelled like Cheeto's it was awful.
People have reported to develop skin rashes; however, pet owners are unlikely to experience any dog ear mites symptoms or cat ear mite symptoms when their pet is infected with ear mites. If your pets ears are sore find out more and get control of those ear infections and stop them from flaring up.

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