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Ear problems are the most common medical complaint of aircraft travellers, and while they are usually simple, minor annoyances, they occasionally result in temporary pain and hearing loss. It is the middle ear that causes discomfort during air travel, and this is so because it is an air pocket inside the head that is vulnerable to changes in air pressure. Normally, each time (or each 2nd or 3rd time) you swallow, your ears make a little clicking or popping sound. The air in the middle ear is constantly being absorbed by its membrane lining, but it is frequently resupplied through the Eustachian tube during the process of swallowing. This is especially true when the aircraft is coming down for a landing, going from low atmospheric pressure down closer to earth where the air pressure is higher.
In the early days of aeroplanes with open cabins and cockpits, this was a major problem to flyers.
Even so, some changes in pressure are unavoidable, even in the best and most modern aeroplanes. You may have experienced it when riding in elevators of tall buildings or when diving to the bottom of a swimming pool. Using your cheek and throat muscles, force the air into the back of your nose as if you were trying to blow your thumb and fingers off your nostrils. As you know, the pilot, under normal circumstances, will give you landing instructions just prior to descending. However, there may have been occasions when the pilot was given instructions to descend rather more quickly because an earlier ‘slot’ had become available. Obviously, babies cannot intentionally pop their ears, but may do so if they are sucking on a bottle or dummy. When inflating your ears, you should not use force from your chest (lungs) or abdomen (diaphragm) which can create pressures that are too high.

If you have a cold, a sinus infection, or an allergy attack, it is best to postpone a trip by air.
Many experienced air travellers use a decongestant pill or nasal spray an hour or so before descent. Travellers with allergy problems should take their medication at the beginning of the flight for the same reason.
However, persons with heart disease, high blood pressure, irregular heart rhythms, thyroid disease or excessive nervousness should avoid them. After a few days if your ears fail to clear, or if pain persists, you will need to seek the help of a doctor who has experience in the care of ear disorders.
This section is to help you understand the reasons for occasional ear problems during air travel, how to avoid them and how to care for them. This is the moment that a small bubble of air enters the middle ear, up from the back of your nose, passing through the Eustachian tube. To maintain comfort, the Eustachian tube must function properly, that is, open frequently and widely enough to equalize the changes in air pressure. Actually, any situation in which rapid altitude or pressure changes occur creates the problem. I’ve found that it's best to start this as soon as I hear this by dropping my jaw as low as possible and moving it backwards and forwards (or side to side). There is very little warning of this, so this technique is, not only portable, but can be applied instantly. Also, if you have recently undergone ear surgery, consult with your surgeon on how soon you may safely fly.
Commonly caused by clogging in the ear canal, the condition can be very painful and uncomfortable.

Be sure to avoid sleeping during descent, because you may not be swallowing enough to keep up with the pressure changes. It causes you not to be able to hear what others are saying to you and sometimes you can hardly hear yourself speak.Ear popping is indeed painful, however if your ear is clogged and you want to clear it and make it pop then you need to find some effective remedies for ear popping.
Tilt your head where one ear is resting on your shoulder and the other is towards the ceiling, pinch your nose and gently blow.
This might be a bit painful, however you can repeat the process with the other ear until both ear is free from being clogged.2.
Read home remedies for ear pain and earache home remedy for more information on how to deal with inner ear infection.3. Wait for about 10 minutes the fizzle should stop by then, this will let you know that it is breaking up the wax. This should help clear the clog depending on how badly your ear is clogged you might need to repeat the process. This should give you immediate relief.Never use Q-tips n your ear whenever you are experiencing clogging.
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