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Though not all scar creams are formulated with keloids in mind, there are those that can work whereas others are specially formulated to get rid of keloid scars.
First, the use of pure and undiluted silicone ingredients in their making helps to get rid of unwanted scars without having to face the scalpel.
Kelo-cote: This contains bio-compatible and bio inert silicone components to soften, flatten and smooth scars. Scarinex: This is formulated with ingredients known to be highly effective through research and which have been proven to reduce scars. Effectiveness: The best cream should be in a position to progressively get rid of the keloid scar. Time taken for results to be seen: While creams may not yield results as fast as the medical procedures, the time taken for the cream to take effect should be reasonable.
Other things that one should consider when deciding which cream is the best is the price and success rate. Agnijith keloid cream contains high anti-microbial properties which easily get absorbed into the skin.

Treating your nose piercing infection - prevention is the best treatment, but what to do if you already have an infection? For all those who are considering a nose piercing, it is a must to be fully aware of nose piercing infections. Home remedies moles - treatment & cure - natural, Read home remedies moles moles treatments. Using topical keloid removal cream as a method of managing and diminishing keloids brings forth a lot of benefits.
Going for creams is a great choice which will ensure that keloids are gotten rid of in the least invasive way. Its main ingredient is pure medical grade silicone; the same one used by plastic surgeons to get rid of scars. The cream is also endorsed by doctors and derives its effectiveness from its powerful ingredients.
Just keep soaking it in the salt water (they probably gave you some salt at the piercing shop).

Find out what keloid removal cream products there are including properties for the best removal creams, ear keloid creams and agnijith keloid removal cream.
One can tell whether the cream is effective by checking out what people who have used it before say about it.
For people with allergic skins, the best keloid scar removal creams would be those made up of natural ingredients.
The above details concerning products are easily accessible from online consumer and professional review sites.

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