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The patient should accept the fact that therapy is designed to reduce the size of the keloid, but there will always be some sort of scar in the area ("Once a scar, always a scar.").
If IL TMC is not effective, injecting with a combination of Kenalog (TMC) and 5-FU may be considered, although this author has not been impressed with its efficacy. Goal of treatment is to totally remove this keloid and ultimately focus on reshaping the ear and maintaining a continuity on the edge of the ear.
Tirgan is a medical oncologist who specializes in the treatment and research of keloid disorder. First, any excision--either by blade or laser--should remove the entire keloid, leaving only normal tissue.

He has had three surgeries, and multiple rounds of steroid injections with no apparent benefit.
The family has taken him to one of most prominent medical centers in the country, where he was again advised to receive steroid injections. Finally, recurrences after surgery tend to be worse than the initial keloid and harder to treat.
The keloids most amenable to surgery are either pedunculated or have a relatively small base and are older.
The resultant wound should either be closed with minimal tension or allowed to heal by secondary intention.

They concluded that radiotherapy is safe with adequate preventive measures, which are particularly crucial in delicate tissues such as the neck and mammary glands.

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