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When most people get their ears pierced, they plan on having a small hole with flat surrounding tissue that is comfortable and easy to decorate with jewelry.
In the case of a split or torn earlobe injury, the skin can be surgically repaired and sutured back together.
Although a through-and-through injury will form a scar no matter what, plastic surgery can create a cleaner, slimmer line that may eventually go away with scar treatment after the surgical wound closes. It’s important to massage the area gently with the fingers to avoid thickening of the earlobe. These can be caused from placement problems, when jewelry doesn’t fit right and from impact injuries.

They range from surgery to excise the bump to scar revision through a plastic surgeon to steroid injections to topical treatments with silicone scar removal products.
Most doctors discourage their patients from re-piercing their ears in the exact same place. The earlobe and the helix, where the outer flap joins cartilage and forms the silhouette of the outer ear, are both prone to keloid scarring. A waiting period of at least three months before choosing an alternate piercing location on the earlobe or cartilage area is recommended. Other pierced ear injuries are caused from frequently wearing heavy earrings that pull down on the skin or when an earring is forcibly ripped out of its hole through the enclosed skin.

Depending on the size and severity of the scar, a combination of any and all of these methods can be effective.
Some more modern approaches with less scientifically proven results include pressure treatments, intralesional injection therapy (IIT) and chemical peels.

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