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Besides testing and writing reviews for Legit, this reviewer has a day job with global responsibilities that is highly dependent on unified communications to survive (and keep me off planes). To test both these products we put them through their paces in our UC test lab otherwise known as my office. In addition to the Desktop and Laptop, a Cisco DX80 personal Telepresence system was used for Bluetooth and USB connectivity and was also connected through the Cisco 891W router for VPN back to the Telepresence video bridge. Finally, for mobile experience an iPhone 6+ and Samsung Galaxy S4 were used, both on AT&T network, for Bluetooth performance.
Based on feedback from people called, both inside the company on the same phone system and externally, the Blackwire C725 proved to be crystal clear. While the soft ear covers did create a bit of heat on the ears after a 8 hours session, the lightness and quality made it very hard to feel any fatigue. Bass was plesently deep while listening to Deadmau5 4x4x12 with a clear and defined thump at the low end.
Next the Edge was paired with the Cisco 7925G WIFI VoIP phone and again proved to provide superior sound quality. The Plantronics Voyager Edge uses the latest Bluetooth version 4 which incorporates the quick paring, wide frequency band, and Adaptive frequency-hopping spread spectrum of previous versions then adds low power consumption. If we were looking for something to take away from the exceptional performance it would be size.

Katie says she no longer has any quiet moments and getting a good night's sleep has become impossible. His own theory - based on years of research - is that many sufferers' hearing has become over-sensitive. The experiment is not finished, but Dr Baguley says the initial results look promising, allowing the noise to quieten and in some cases fall silent. Checks on Katie's ears ruled out tinnitus, a ringing noise that generally follows the sufferer wherever they go. And the problem is on the increase, according to the Low Frequency Noise Sufferers' Association.
Surrounded in his office by plastic models of human ears, he explains how we each have an internal volume control that helps us amplify quiet sounds in times of threat, danger or intense concentration. Katie, like most victims of the hum, only hears the noise at a specific location - in her case, at home. Two thousand people have so far contacted its helpline, and it says it receives two or three new cases every week. Sitting in the living room of her home in the suburbs of Leeds, the 69-year-old grandmother describes the dull drone she says is making her life a misery.
Moving out is an option she's considered, but she's reluctant to leave the house she's lived in for nearly 50 years.

She suspects it may be something to do with the nearby airport, although the authorities there say no engines are left running overnight. Various features of modern life have been blamed - gas pipes, power lines, mobile phone masts, wind farms, nuclear waste, even low-frequency submarine communications. There are dark mutterings about secret military activity, alien contact and government cover-ups. It's just as though there's something in your house and you want to switch if off and you can't.
Such conspiracy theories are understandable, but unhelpful, according to Dr David Baguley, who's head of audiology at Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge. The trial - funded by the Department for Environment and the Department of Health - uses psychology and relaxation techniques to help sufferers become less agitated and distressed by the hum. He estimates that in about a third of cases there is some environmental source that can be tracked down and dealt with.
There have been other cases in Cheshire, Cornwall, Gloucestershire, London, Shropshire, Suffolk and Wiltshire.

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